Single Mode Adapter

Article Number: 228003

Fast and Intuitive Fiber Certification

WireXpert Optical Loss Test Kit

WireXpert's singlemode fiber adapters offer unmatched performance in certification testing of premise fiber optic cabling. In addition to 6-second dual ended, dual wavelength certification testing, WireXpert provides intuitive graphical work-flow for bi-directional testing.

WireXpert makes the task of selection of set-reference method and test configuration straigth-forward with the advantage of easy to follow pictorial steps.

  • Fast, 6-seconds autotest performs dual wavelength certification testing
  • Intuitive selection of test configuration and reference setting
  • Allows 1,2, or 3-jumper referencing
  • Seamless reporting in eXport PC software with copper test results
  • Automated standards based label creation
  • Light source and power meter functions converts WireXpert into two independent instruments
  • Allows certification single fiber links in addition to duplex links
  • Allows loopback testing independently using WireXpert Local or Remote units, doubling the test capacity


  • Improve productivity of technicians with easy and fast configuration and testing
  • Test single fiber links, troubleshoot with light source and power meter tools
  • Pictorial work-flow makes it easy to avoid human errors in testing

Technical Details

General specifications

Connector Type

SC (LC with optional kit)


1310/1550 nm

Dynamic Range

31 dB

Length range

1.5 m -10,000 m

Length Resolution


Output Power

-5 dBm to -8 dBm @1550 nm
-7 dBm to -9 dBm @ 1310 nm

Peak Wavelength

1300 nm to 1315 nm @1310 nm
1535 nm to 1560 nm @1550 nm

Receiver Sensitivity

-40 dBm


  • WX_AD_SM2
  • Set of two singlemode adapters
  • Two pairs of singlemode reference cords
  • SC-SC duplex adapter singlemode
  • Cleaning kit 
  • Optional one-jumper singlemode LC Kit: WX_AC_LC_SM_KIT
  • SC-LC Simplex Test Kabel  (1 pair)
  • SC-LC Test Adapter (1 pair)
  • LC-LC Simplex Referenz Kabel (1 pair)



With the WireXpert and fiber adapters you can perform a fully standards-compliant certification measurement Tier 1 (e.g. according to ISO / IEC 14763-3). Additionally, an automated evaluation of the attenuation of the fiber link is performed in terms of the number of the connectors, splices, and the length of the link.
(Automated evaluation of the link attenuation budget)

Yes, for standard-compliant measurements on fiber optic cabling (e.g. according to ISO / IEC 14763-3) you must be equipped with a fiber microscope and cleaning tools, as it is normative required to review the connector end faces for dirtiness. You would also know nothing about the dirtiness of the connectors and could unintentionally cause pollution to the fiber cabling.

WireXpert only needs one refractive index for length measurements of optical fibers. The length will be measured only at one Wavelength, therefore it is sufficient to only set one refractive index.

OTDR´s measure the distances to events on both wavelength. In that case you need to set both refractive indices in order to measure the distance correctly at both wavelengths.


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