Qualification, commissioning and troubleshooting of copper and fiber routes: Intuitive, flexible, fast

High data transmission rates on copper and fiber optic cabling of up to 10Gb/s Ethernet and new Power-over-Ethernet applications up to 90W lead to completely new challenges in the field of structured cabling. NetXpert XG2-PLUS offers comprehensive active and passive network testing up to 10Gb/s for qualification, commissioning and troubleshooting on copper and fiber cabling. With the largest touch display in its class, NetXpert XG2-PLUS guarantees easy operation and clear presentation of results. At the same time, NetXpert XG2-PLUS offers highest reliability of results due to the unique combination of up to four different test methods for the evaluation of copper links. For fiber optic cabling, the NetXpert XG2-PLUS offers an attenuation test in addition to the BERT test and, through LiveLight™, an attenuation trend display. For the inspection of fiber optic connectors there is the possibility to connect a video microscope.


Flexible, expandable model range upgradeable from 1 to 10Gb/s

NetXpert XG2 and NetXpert XG2-PLUS qualify twisted pair cabling from 1 to 10Gb/s. With their unique combination of 4 measurement methods, these devices check whether your cabling can transmit Ethernet up to 10Gb/s without interference. The NetXpert XG2 is available in the smallest version starting at 1Gb/s and can be upgraded up to 10Gb/s. The NetXpert XG2-PLUS is fully equipped to also qualify fiber optic cabling up to 10Gb/s.