Support program for WireXpert

Considerable periods of downtime for a measuring device caused by unexpected defects can inconveniently delay the schedule for the execution of a project and increase the calculated maintenance costs. To keep these effects under control, we developed the XpertCare Support Program. It contains a complete package for annual calibration, maintenance (including an interim device in the event of an unexpected device failure) and the replacement of the wearing parts for your WireXpert beyond the standard warranty.

The XpertCare Support Program

To protect the investment in cable certifiers, they require care and occasional maintenance. If you use your WireXpert constantly and is concerned about periods of downtime, we are now offering you the XpertCare Support Program. XpertCare guarantees much more than the standard warranty, so that your investment is protected in the best possible manner.

Which services are included in the XpertCare Support Program?

Annual calibration and inspection, incl. updating the device firmware

The XpertCare Support Program contains an annual recalibration of WireXpert devices (and fiber-optic modules where necessary) at the local Service Center, so that the required accuracy when measuring is always maintained.
The calibration interval is dependent on the validity period of specifications and the operational environment. The typical interval for LAN certification devices is one year. The last calibration date is stored in the device and can be printed on the results report to guarantee to the customer at a glance that the necessary accuracies are maintained. In addition, all accessories and functions of the devices are checked in the Service Center and the device firmware is updated, if this has not already been carried out by the user.


Replacement service for wearing parts

Some parts of the measuring accessories are subject to wear due to plugging in the connectors. These include the channel link adapters, permanent link adapters, and permanent link measurement cables. Batteries and headsets are also subject to certain conditions. If these accessories are found to be defective or worn, the replacement will be replaced during the calibration. Up to 6 (six) individual parts can be exchanged per year of the XpertCare Support Program. Adapter and measuring cables are only available in pairs, which corresponds to two parts. In some cases, you may be asked to return the defective/worn accessory for inspection before the replacement is sent out.


For which devices is the XpertCare Support Program available?

The XpertCare Support Program is available for all models in the WireXpert series and the corresponding fiber-optic modules. The duration of the contract may be concluded for a period of one, two or three years. Renewal within
the period of validity is possible.
The preferred time for conclusion of a contract is when the devices are newly ordered. Devices that have already been in the field for an extended period (> 90 days) must be inspected in the local Service Center before validation for the XpertCare Support Program and have a valid calibration. The inspection is free of charge. Devices older than 5 years are excluded. The XpertCare Support Program is not applicable in the case of intentional damage or misuse.



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