Vendor approval for the WireXpert series up to Cat 8/Class I granted by Telegärtner Karl Gaertner GmbH

Equipped with the new Cat 8.1 permanent link adapters, the WireXpert series from Softing IT Networks includes all adaptations required to measure any RJ45 systems from Cat 5e/Class D up to Cat 8/Class I supplied by Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH. At the beginning of April, the company Telegärtner extended the approval granted for the WireXpert series. Measurement devices from Softing IT Networks enable users to perform certification testing of the standard connector links up to Cat 8/Class I now. With the inclusion of these permanent link adapters into the warranty program, users are well prepared for future applications up to 25 and 40GBase-T.

Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH is globally renowned as a leading manufacturer of network components, coaxial connectors, as well as factory terminated cables. Now, the company has extended the existing warranty program on the WireXpert 500 and 4500 up to Cat 6A/Class EA by approving the WireXpert 4500 up to Cat 8/Class I. For this purpose, extensive testing was performed, and the WireXpert 4500 from Softing IT Networks was compared against the network analyzer used in the Telegärtner laboratory. „The WireXpert series enables all Telegärtner RJ45 systems from Cat 5e/Class D up to Cat 8/Class I to be officially measured now,“ comments Marcel Leonhard, Head of Product Management DataVoice at Telegärtner Karl Gärtner GmbH. Softing IT Networks used the new Cat 8.1 permanent link adapters of the WireXpert series successfully for the acceptance testing of the new performance category Cat 8/Class I systems. Early in 2018, these adapters were presented for the first time at the BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition in Orlando/USA and then at the Light + Building trade fair in Frankfurt/Main.

Optimally prepared for the future with the WireXpert series

The WireXpert series offered by Softing IT Networks GmbH guarantees the security of your investment over the entire product lifecycle by ensuring maximum flexibility, for instance through upgrades from 500 to 2,500MHz. As the capabilities of the series are continuously enhanced and focussed on new standards, WireXpert devices have been able to perform Class II measurements up to 2,000MHz on TERA, ARJ45, and MMCPRO systems for a longer period already. „The user-friendly operation of the WireXpert series makes it as simple to perform Cat 8/Class I measurements as it is to perform Cat 5e/Class D measurements,“ explains Konstantin Hüdepohl, Product Manager at Softing IT Networks.

With the new Cat 8.1 permanent link adapters, Softing IT Networks now offers 2,000MHz measurement equipment for RJ45 systems. All WireXpert 4500 devices with software version 7.5 or higher can use these adapters. It is possible to upgrade the WireXpert 500 devices to a frequency range of 2,500MHz through license upgrades in order to perform Cat 8 as well as Class I and II measurements.

The inclusion of the Cat 8.1 permanent link adapters for the WireXpert series from Softing IT Networks into the Telegärtner warranty program is one more proof of the high measurement accuracy of the WireXpert series.

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