Handy wiring tester with colour display and PoE diagnostics up to 90 W

Handy wiring tester with integrated length measurement and tone generator.
In addition, the device recognises PoE up to class 8, 90 W (PoE++), and briefly applies power accordingly to test the PoE supply.
The device has a 3.5" colour screen with a graphical user interface, making it extremely easy to operate and providing easy-to-understand test results.


Areas of application
  • Testing the cabling after installation before final acceptance with a qualifier or certifier
  • Quick test of patch cables for correct wiring
  • Localisation of ports using a tone generator and optionally available cable finder such as the Softing CP15
  • Diagnostics on ports that provide PoE up to 90 W, with detection of the PoE class and application of load to the port to be tested
  • Troubleshooting on installations that use PoE
Special characteristics
  • Colour display with graphical user interface
  • Wiring test with capacitive length measurement
  • Detection of PoE up to class 8, 90 W
Your benefit
  • Combination of wiring test and PoE diagnostics

Product details


CableMaster PoE Scope of delivery:

  • 1 x CableMaster PoE with integrated remote
  • 1 x card with QR code with link to manual
  • 6 x AA battery (non-rechargeable), integrated in the CableMaster PoE
Size: 17,5x8,5x3,8 cm
Weight with Battery: 400g
Power Supply: 6 x AA batteries, not rechargeable
Connections: RJ45, Micro USB, Coax via optional adapter
Overvoltage protection: 60VDC, 55VAC
Operating temperature: -10 to +50 C°
Storage temperature: -20 to +60°C
Humidity: non-condensing 10%-80%
Wiring: TIA568A and B
PoE: Class 0 to 8
LED light white

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