Visual Fault Locator

VFL 5000

Article Number:226546

The VFL 5000 is used for continuity testing and fault location on optical fibers and components in singlemode and multimode area is used. Depending on the application, a range of more than 5 km can be achieved. A universal adapter enables the Connection of all common 2.5 mm optical connector systems. An adapter for 1.25 mm is also available. The operating time is in flashing mode approx. 40 hours.

Due to its compact and robust design, the visual error detector is ideal for daily use. Use in all fiber optic applications, e.g. in data centers, outdoors, in industrial applications
environments, as well as in laboratories. The Visual Faul Locator from Softing IT Networks is characterized, among other things, by with several practical features, such as its special, roll-resistant shape, the cap that is captive against dust and impact and its extremely robust housing. The Visual Fault Locator can be easily and with only one hand and is powered by AAA standard batteries. The practical holder makes it easy to hang up the VFL at any time. 

  • Detection of mechanical damage to the fibre
  • Fiber end detection
  • Luminous range over a maximum of 5 km (typically and under normal lighting conditions)
  • Generates visible laser light in the wavelength range of approx. 635 nm (red). With a transmission power less than 1 mW, the device is classified in laser class 2 (IEC 60825-1:2014)


  • Dust cap
  • One battery pack (1 battery: VARTA Industrial Alkaline No. 4003; 1.5 V; AAA)
  • Operating manual

Order number

  • 226546 VFL 5000 in a set with adapter 2.5 to 1.25 mm ferrule (Consists of 226540 + 226542)
  • 226540 VFL 5000 - Red light Visual Fault Locator, extra robust design
  • 226542 Adapter 2,5 to 1,25 mm ferrule for VFL 5000