The CableMaster VFL is used for continuity testing and fault location on optical fibres and components in the singlemode and multimode range. Depending on the application, a range of more than 5 km can be achieved. A universal adapter enables the connection of all common optical 2.5 mm connector systems (e.g. SC). A screw-on adapter for 1.25 mm (e.g. LC) is also available. The operating time in flashing mode is approx. 40 hours.

Thanks to its compact and ergonomic design, the visual fault detector is ideal for daily use in all fibre optic application areas, e.g. in data centres, in the field, in industrial environments and in laboratories. The CableMaster VFL from Softing IT Networks is characterised by several practical features, such as its special, roll-proof shape, the captive dust cap and its handy form. The CableMaster VFL is easy to operate with just one hand and is powered by two standard AAA batteries. The practical strap allows the fault detector to be hung up at any time if required.


Areas of application
  • Fault testing of singlemode/multimode optical fibres and other optical fibre components
  • Repair of fibres
Special characteristics
  • Captive dust cap
  • Ergonomic design
  • Simple one-handed operation
  • Firmly screwable adapter for 1.25 mm
  • Compact size
  • Long operating time                                                  
Your benefit
  • Easy fault diagnosis
  • Long operating time
  • Informative display of the light status
  • Secure storage bag                                                 

Product details

  • Dust cap for universal connection
  • Battery pack with 2 batteries: 1.5 V; AAA),
  • Operating instructions as QR code card
Wavelength: Type 635nm
Operating temperature: Min. -10 °C / Max. 45 °C
Storage temperature: Min. -40 °C / Max. 70 °C
Fibre-coupled performance:
Single-mode fibre 9/125 μm: Min. 500 μW / type 700 μW
Multimode fibre 50/125 μm: Min. 500 μW / type 800 μW
Optical output power: Max. < 1 mW
Working current: Type 40 mA
Retention force ferrule: Type 1-2 N
Weight incl. batteries: 163 g
Operating time - one battery pack 1 (pulse mode): 40 hours
Battery type: AAA
Operating mode: Continuous Wave; Pulse mode: Frequency 2-3 Hz
Laser protection class: 2
Suitable ferrule 2.5 mm: DIN, E2000, FC, SC, ST

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