WireXpert 500 – Industrial

The WireXpert 500 measurement solution for Industrial Ethernet cabling is suitable for measurementson LAN cabling with Industrial Ethernet connection technology. The Industrial Kit contains M12 D-coded and M12 X-coded interfaces, as well as RJ45 interfaces, which allow 10 Gigabit-capable Industrial Ethernet cabling to be measured efficiently.

Especially for applications in industrial data cabling, the kit includes, in addition to the WireXpert 500, adaptations for a variety of LAN cabling with Industrial Ethernet connection technology.


Areas of application
  • Acceptance test of industrial copper installations up to 10Gb/s
  • External cabling on buildings
  • Special mechanical engineering with special connecting hardware
Special characteristics
  • Complete kit for measurements in industrial environments with RJ45 and M12 connecting hardware
  • Upgradeable for copper measurements up to Cat 8 and ISO class I and II
  • Upgradeable for fiber optic measurements
Your benefit
  • Flexible architecture enables testing of M12 channels, permanent links and end-to-end links, including hybrid links (M12-RJ45)
  • Easy selection of test limits, including PROFINET limits
  • Supports user-defined test limits for specific applications
  • Most affordable certifier for premise cabling and Industrial Ethernet

Product details


WireXpert 500 Industrial

  • 1 WireXpert 500 Local - with cover, without measuring adapter
  • 1 WireXpert 500 Remote- with cover, without measuring adapter
  • 2 power supplies
  • 2 power cables
  • 2 headphones
  • 1 Envelope with calibration certificate, USB stick, quick start guide
  • 2 Industrial adapters
  • 2 TERA to preLink® measuring cables
  • 1 TERA-TERA cable 2 m
  • 2 preLink® M12 D socket
  • 2 preLink® M12 X socket
  • 2 preLink® M12 D plug
  • 2 preLink® M12 X connector
  • 2 preLink® RJ45 socket
  • 2 preLink® RJ45 plug
  • 1 Hard case
  • 2 plastic sorting boxes for preLink® plugs and sockets

Technical details