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  • Die Datenautobahn wird mehrspurig


    Die Datenautobahn wird mehrspurig

    Der Datenhunger unserer heutigen, modernen „Online-Gesellschaft“ bleibt weiterhin ungestillt. So ist es nicht verwunderlich, dass die Entwicklung zu stets größerer Bandbreite und somit mehr Leistungsfähigkeit auch vor den Multimodefasern in den Datennetzwerken nicht Halt gemacht hat.
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  • 我是否真的需要不同的线缆测试设备?



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  • 您的认证仪是否更新换代?



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  • MPO 测试 和数据中 心标准发


    MPO 测试 和数据中 心标准发

    MPO 连接器支持采用单一推入式连接来端接包含多条光纤束的电缆
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  • 洁净? 不洁净?


    洁净? 不洁净?

    “洁净”如何定义? 光纤连接器端面自动检测技术能确保光纤连接具有始终如一的质量和性能...
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  • 多模测量线



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  • 15.06.2017

    线缆测试仪 2.0

    先进的线缆测试仪是现代网络安装人员的 “瑞士军刀”
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  • 20.04.2017

    Easier Testing for Gigabit Compliance

    Field testing passive networks intended for later use as Gigabit networks can be a complicated, prolonged and costly business. By carrying out three simple test - Bit Error Rate, Signal to Noise Ratio and determining delay skew - you can check for suitability and cable quality. By taking this approach, you can not only almost instantly find out whether the network...
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  • Need for Speed: 40 GBASE-T in Data Center Networks


    Need for Speed: 40 GBASE-T in Data Center Networks

    Data center network infrastructure is witnessing a transformation, driven by growing bandwidth and network performance demand. 10 Gigabit Ethernet is de-facto standard in today’s data center with growing adoption of 40G. While 40G Ethernet standards already exist for SM fiber and MPO based MM fiber cables, standards bodies have developed 40GBASE-T...
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  • Is your certifier up to flux?

    Network certification, particularly fiber-system certification, is one of those activities that has grown to...
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