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The NetXpert XG - the universal, scalable test solution.The qualifier grows with the requirements and offers extensive active and passive test options, qualifies and documents passive copper and fiber optic cabling and accompanies the implementation and troubleshooting of active networks - also via WLAN.

Qualify as fast as possible up to 10 Gb/s

With the NetXpert XG, you are ready for a future-proof start into the new era of high-speed qualifying. The maximum speed of current CAT6A cabling is 10Gb/s. At the moment the NetXpert XG is the only qualifier that can verify this performance in the field.


The NetXpert-licensing system allows later upgrades for additional functionality. There are currently three performance levels (1, 2.5/5 and 10Gb/s Ethernet). The purchase of a ‚Step-Up‘ license always expands the functionality of the device by one step upwards. An extension for fiber optic qualifications is possible at any time.


NetXpert XG offers a comprehensive toolset for troubleshooting in active networks. PoE supplies can be tested up to the highest power class (90 W), existing subscribers can be detected and the relevant addresses can be tested for reachability.

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