The most affordable cable tester for copper and fiber LAN cabling certification

Fully upgradeable to WireXpert 4500 to include Category 8 and Class I and II Performance

WireXpert 500-Plus for copper and fiber certification sets new standards for user friendliness, with touch screen graphical interface on both Local and Remote units. The innovative design combines superior cable testing accuracy with low cost of ownership and ease of use. WireXpert is geared up for certifying the frequency range of 1-500 MHz.


  • Copper cabling certification  up to Class EA / Cat 6As, suitable for Ethernet speeds up to 10Gb/s
  • Certification of multimode and singlemode fiber optic cabling
  • Applicable for standard, industrial and home cabling systems
  • Best cost/performance ratio for certification of copper cabling up to 10Gb/s
  • Upgradeble from Cat 6A copper cable testing to Cat 8 and ISO class I and II
  • Best entry product for copper cable certification for the most common Ethernet speeds up to 10Gb/s

Product details


wirexpert 4500 pro scope of delivery

WireXpert 500 PLUS (Copper & Fiber)

  • 2x Main certification test units
  • 2x Li-Ion batteries
  • 2x Stylus with Cords
  • 2x Display protection cover
  • 2x Cat 6A Permanent Link Adapter
  • 2x Cat 6A Permanent Link Test Cords
  • 2x Cat 6A Channel Adapter
  • USB Stick with reference manual and eXport software
  • 2x Talk sets
  • 2x AC Power Adapters
  • 2x Country Specific Power Cords
  • Calibration certificate
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Soft carry bag

Note: Fiber optic test adaptors are optionally available


Upgrade to WireXpert 4500

Scope of delivery:

  • 1 Jahr warranty
  • Software license for the certification of copper cabling up to Cat 8 , ISO class I and II
  • Calibration certificate



  • Units have to be sent to a Softing service center for upgrading

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Setting Reference
Permanent Link Testing
Channel Testing
End-to-End link Testing
Modular Plug Terminateed Link (MPTL) Testing