How NetXpert XG2 Saves Time for a Commercial Electrical Contractor

It can be a challenge to troubleshoot installed fiber-optic or copper Ethernet networks when the initial installations are unsuccessful. Remedying someone else’s work can quickly eat up allotted material and labor costs, and grows even more challenging when the project involves complicated cable runs, data connections or both.

To maintain project deadlines and budgets that provide proof of testing in the form of reporting while preventing needless finger-pointing and unnecessary service callbacks — it is essential to implement a testing methodology that minimizes time and effort spent troubleshooting terminations, connections and other sources of data loss.

The Softing NetXpert XG2 enables this methodology. As a robust copper and fiber-optic cable performance tester, it finds installation mistakes and proves cable performance with its array of testing and diagnostic tools — keeping projects on track and within budget.

In our new case study, we detail how one company, N&S Electric, Inc., uses NetXpert XG2 for its high-volume projects to troubleshoot, test and verify copper and fiber-optic Ethernet installations, leading to a number of time-saving benefits.

Download the case study to learn more.