2020 BICSI Winter Conference

2020 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition

Location: Tampa Bay Convention Center, Tampa, FL USA

Booth # 931

Date: February 9 - 13, 2020

Softing will be showing the following products at BICSI

  • WireXpert
  • FiberXpert
  • NetXpert XG
  • Cablemaster

Please join us for discussions and demos and let us show you the Dual Control System difference.

  Monday, Feb 10  
4:00pm NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
4:30pm WireXpert  
5:00pm FiberXpert, WireXpert  
6:00pm WireXpert  
6:30pm WireXpert, NetXpert XG  
  Tuesday, Feb 11  
2:15pm NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
3:00pm WireXpert  
3:45pm NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
4:30pm WireXpert, FiberXpert  
5:15pm WireXpert  
6:30pm WireXpert  
  Wednesday, Feb 12  
7:45am NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
8:30am WireXpert  
9:15am NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
9:45am WireXpert, FiberXpert  
10:30am NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
11:15am WireXpert