WireXpert 4500

Most advanced cable certification compliant with all standards: Class D/E/EA/F/FA, Category 5e/6/6A, and the new ANSI/TIA Cat 8 standard as well as ISO/IEC Class I & II standards.

The WireXpert is the first cable certifier with the capability to certify the highest performance cabling systems in enterprise networks and data centers. Network installers make significant gain in productivity with the WireXpert‘s industry leading test speed and intuitive operation enabling them quickly to perform accurate certification tests.

Inspection including calibration

Send your WireXpert (and the fiber optic modules, if applicable) to the local service center in order to always be able to comply with the references during measurement. The last calibration date is stored in the instrument and can be set to printed out in the results report, in order to ensure that the customer complies with the necessary accuracies. In addition, all accessories and functions of the units are checked in the service centre and updated with the latest firmware version

Hard-shell case

The convenient injection-moulded case made of high-strength polypropylene plastic is specially designed to store and transport the WireXpert 4500 safely and conveniently. Ideally suited for use on rough construction sites. The interior of the case contains a black inlay with compartments for various measuring adapters.

Additional Permanent-Link-Cable-Set

The standard equipment of the WireXpert 4500 includes a set of permanent link cables. You will also receive an additional set of permanent link cables as part of the promotion. This consists of a pair of RJ-45 permanent link measuring cables. Suitable for measurements of class EA/category 6 for use with the certifier WireXpert 4500.

CableMaster 600 | Cable Probe

The CableMaster 600 is a cable tester for network, telephone, and coax cabling, equipped with an RJ45 jack for network cables and an F-type connector for coax cables. The CableMaster 600 verifies the wire map, determines the cable length and distance to fault. The results can be saved and documented using the PC reporting software.

The Cable Tracker Network Tone and Probe Kit model CTK1015 is designed for network managers and technicians. Toning an active LAN circuit can disrupt network traffic and is difficult to track due to cable twist and tone bleed. The Cable Tracker Network Tone and Probe Kit features a Port ID function that blinks the link light verifying cable connectivity. This feature also provides a simple and effective method to identify switch or hub port assignments on active networks.


2 * CableMaster 200

The CableMaster 200 is a low-cost and compact wiremap tester for Ethernet cables. The device tests twisted pair cables on wiring faults such as interruptions, short circuits, crossed cores and split pairs.
With integrated remote unit and built-in tone generator.


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Inspection including calibration, WireXpert hard-shell-case, additional set of Permanent-Link-cable, CableMaster 600, two CableMaster 200, CableProbe