Fiber microscope - Inspection and evaluation of connector end-faces

Digital fiber microscope to inspect connector end-faces

Before testing fiber-optic links and every time fiber optic connectors are mated, connector end-faces should be inspected and evaluated to avoid contamination that can cause degradation of network performance and destructive damage in the contact zone. The new fiber microscope provides for a quick and easy inspection of connector end-faces and an automated analysis compliant with IEC 61300-3-35.

The microscope is easily connected via USB with WireXpert or FiberXpert and the evaluation of connector end-faces can be added to the test reports.

  • Inspection and evaluation of connector end-face at the touch of a button
  • Automated analysis compliant with IEC 61300-3-35
  • Ease of use and quick analysis
  • Compatible with WireXpert and FiberXpert, NetXpert XG as well as LinkXpert M3
  • Adapters for the most common fiber-optic connectors are included in the delivery

Fiber Inspection and Cleaning

Click here for the video


  • Automated analysis of connector end-face compatible with WireXpert, NetXpert XG, and FiberXpert

Technical Details

General Specifications


0.110 g (3.88 oz)

Dimensions (w × h × d)

140x46x44 mm
(5,5x1,8.x1.7 in)

General Specifications

General Technical

(typical at 25°C)

Low mag field-of-view (FOV)

Horizontal: 740 μm Vertical: 550 μm

High mag field-of-view (FOC)

Horizontal: 370 μm Vertical: 275 μm

Live image

640 x 480 fps


USB 2.0 (backwards compatible to USB 1.1)

Camera sensor

2560 x 1920, 1/2.5-in CMOS

Particle size detection

<1 μm

Light source

Blue LED, 100,000+ hour life


±1 m ± 10-5 x distance ± sampling resolution
(excluding group index uncertainties)

Lighting technique


Power source

USB Port


  • Digital USB microscope
  • carrying case
  • FC/LC/SC/U12M/U25M tips*


*Additional tips are available as accessories.
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