Softing Inc launches XpertClean Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

Softing launches fiber optic cleaning kits and cleaning process as part of a complete in-field solution for fiber optic cable certification, network management, and fiber optic troubleshooting.

Knoxville, TN, January 21, 2019 – Softing Inc today introduces the XpertClean line of fiber optic cleaning kits complete with a cleaning process for fiber cable certifiers, IT managers, and network troubleshooters.  XpertClean kits come complete with cleaning essentials targeted for 2.5 mm ST, SC, and FC connectors, 1.25 mm LC connectors, and MPO fiber optic connectors.  XpertClean kits contain the required fiber optic cleaning tools as part of a complete in-field solution when used with the Softing line of testers, including WireXpert, NetXpert, and FiberXpert.

Fiber optic cleaning is always required before connecting and before testing a fiber optic cable.  In the past, gathering the right set of cleaning supplies, and understanding their use, required time and research.  Now, with Softing XpertClean kits, fiber optic cleaning is bundled and easy.  Kits include a CleanWash solvent pen, a CleanMachine push and click cleaner for bulk cleaning, CleanSwabs and CleanStrip for hard to reach areas.  The XpertClean process saves you time cleaning and troubleshooting, resulting in clean fiber optic end faces and maximum network performance.

“Softing found that field technicians cleaning fiber optic cables ranged from non-existent to wiping the end face on a shirt before testing or troubleshooting”, said Deane Horn, Director of Marketing for Softing Inc.   “Many people don’t realize, for example, that any method of dry rubbing creates a static charge, which attracts enough dust particles to make a fiber optic cable fail.  Proper fiber cleaning is easy with the right tool set and can eliminate over 90% of fiber problems.  The XpertClean process saves time in the field, and by snapping a picture of the clean end face, you can document your work, and leave a verification report for the customer.”

XpertClean kits complement the Softing portfolio of measurement and test tools for fiber optic cables.  Test tools for fiber include WireXpert cable certifier, NetXpert XG cable tester and active network manager, and FiberXpert Tier 2 fiber optic troubleshooter.

IT professionals for businesses, contractors managing buildings or campuses, and industrial engineers in manufacturing or production use Softing copper and fiber test tools to certify cable installation, manage active networks, and troubleshoot problems to keep networks running at top performance.

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