CableTool - Length gauge for copper cables

Length measurement for all types of conductive cables

The CableTool is a length measuring device for all types of cables such as network, antenna, data or power cables.

The fully-fledged reflectometer function ( Time Domain Reflectometer ) determines total cable lengths or the distances to an interference point ( interruption or short circuit ).

The voltmeter function can also be used to determine active cables and display the applied voltage. 

In addition, the CableTool has a built-in cable search function. A sound signal is sent into the cable and its emission is clearly located in cable ducts and in walls with the optional "Cable Tracker Probe".


  • Fully-fledged copper reflectometer (TDR) up to 700m
  • Measures cable length or distance to the point of interference
  • Built-in voltmeter
  • Length measurement for all cables such as power, antenna and network cables