iBwave Wi-Fi® Solution


When it comes to planning and designing indoor Wi-Fi networks, three of the largest challenges companies face are the time and money required to deploy networks, guaranteeing network quality to keep the end users satisfied, and ensuring simple maintenance and upgrades in the future. iBwave Wi-Fi Suite is a fully integrated platform that solves all of these challenges by providing you with a powerful Wi-Fi network planning and design solution which significantly reduces deployment times, ensures carrier-grade Wi-Fi, and simplifies future maintenance and upgrade activities. With iBwave you also get access to iBwave’s certification program to instill proficiency and best practices for your entire team.


Save hours of time with the all-in-one survey app iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile. Perform active or passive surveys, capture site images and annotations to geo-located push pins, and start the network design, assessing predicted performance with heatmaps. Save your entire project to iBwave Unity to seamlessly share with teammates or access it on your PC later.

  • Active/Passive Surveys
  • Site photos and annotations
  • Simple network designs
  • Heat maps
  • Bill of Materials

Optimize network performance & costs with automation

Ensure carrier-grade Wi-Fi and control your costs with intelligent network design automation in iBwave Wi-Fi® for PC. Design networks with powerful 3D predictive modeling with incline surfaces support, advanced capacity planning by zones, complete network design (AP placement, cable routing and automatic alignment, routers, controllers, etc. ), smart antenna contouring for live signal strength predictions as you design, a complete BOM and cost details report, three different propagation models and prediction calibration to optimize the network design and minimize costly design errors.

Expedite approvals with 3D KPI validation & simple collaboration

Simplify the design review process by providing your customers and project partners with our free read-only software, iBwave Viewer. Send them the design file to open in read-only and do a complete review of the network design and placement in their venue, all in very detailed 3D - making it easier to understand and sign-off on KPI compliance.

Eliminate the risk and costs of installation errors

Ensure prediction accuracy and eliminate costly post-installation errors and re-design efforts with iBwave Wi-Fi® 3D predictive modeling, an editable database of materials and components, and prediction calibration. Ensure the installation team has all the right documentation to install the network with detailed Annotations and Cabling Reports.

Simplify network KPI validation

Once installed, take the iBwave Wi-Fi® Mobile app to the site to do a post-installation validation walk. Open the most recent version of the design file, validate performance with an active survey, and have all project documentation as reference as you walk the site (design, images, annotiations, reports). If any issues are found, tweak the design on-site and run heatmaps to assess potential performance.

Easily access historical site documentation & enrich each visit

With the iBwave Cloud, or the more advanced sitemanagement cloud software iBwave Unity, all historical site and project information is stored
in a centralized, secure server making it simple to access the information you need for future maintenance checks or upgrade projects using iBwave Wi-Fi Mobile or iBwave Wi-Fi (PC).