WiFi Advisor

The first WiFi/WLAN analyzer offers numerous intuitive functions for quickly characterizing and optimizing WLAN networks in the home and for efficient fault diagnosis.


End users are increasingly dependent on WiFi connections to reliably deliver premium services, such as video and IPTV, to all endpoints in their homes.  These WiFi networks are extremely dynamic, with, for example, sporadic interference, other users adding networks in the same channel or in overlapping channels, and the number of WiFi devices continuing to grow. These changes have a major impact on performance and the quality of the customer experience (QoE). As a result, 40% of all incident reports today are due to WLAN issues. Technicians who install and maintain WiFi  in the home depend on reliable installation procedures as well as meaningful fault diagnostics.

WiFi Advisor consists of an iPad app and at least one WFED-300AC tester. WiFi Advisor is the first test solution that meets the specific requirements of installers of all qualification levels. It represents a new, visually enhanced testing concept. Its intuitive features allow rapid characterization and optimization, as well as immediate troubleshooting of home WLAN networks that are subject to severe changes and disruptive influences. The tester shows at a glance the actual power/throughput reserve of the WLAN in the entire home and informs the end customer directly and in an understandable way about important performance data.



  • Improved customer experience (QoE), fewer incident reports, and fewer repeat service calls
  • Shorter repair time
  • Evaluation of a wide range of end-user device classes
  • Information of the customer about the actual performance
  • Uniform test execution by all service technicians and reproducibility of tests



  • Fault diagnosis and optimisation of Wifi networks
  • Viewing Wifi performance across the home with throughput analysis
  • Installing wireless IPTV services
  • Informing the user

Performance features

  • Performance log for customer information
  • TrueMargin™ to optimise Wifi throughput
  • Intuitive and meaningful user interface recommends best channel and approach for optimisation
  • Highly configurable radio module supports 2.4G 802.11b/g/n and 5G 802.11a/n/ac up to 3x3 with MIMO
  • Linking of job/deployment data with assessment results for export to the cloud for storage and analysis


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