Softing Inc. Announces NetXpert XG
10G Cable Tester and Active Network Manager in One Device

NetXpert XG is the first Ethernet cable tester and active network LAN manager to perform BERT, SNR, and Delay Skew to 10G speeds so you can prove that 10Gb speeds will run on your installed 1Gb cables.

Knoxville, TN, September 10, 2018 – Softing Inc. today introduces the NetXpert XG Ethernet cable tester and active network manager, the latest advancement in Softing’s network communication cable testing portfolio. NetXpert XG cable qualifier is part of a complete IT Network solutions portfolio from Softing for certifying, troubleshooting, and managing cabling installations and active IT Networks.

IT departments, Ethernet network managers, and communication cable installers are called upon to perform network qualification, network management, and cable troubleshooting tasks. NetXpert XG is the only tester that will perform BERT (bit error rate test) up to 10Gb/sec, SNR (signal-to-noise test), and Delay Skew (ensuring bits arrive at the right time) and will give a single pass / fail result and printable report for all three tests with the single press of a button.

"Wireless access point speeds at the end of the network are outpacing the speeds of the installed cabling and switches in the middle of the network. Is it possible that the installed cabling can run at speeds beyond design spec and keep up with new, high-speed, wireless access points? Actually, yes", says Deane Horn, Director of Product Management for Softing Inc. "With the press of a button, three key tests are run with the NetXpert XG, which will perform a live speed test and prove if the installed 1Gb/s cable will perform beyond design spec to 10Gb/s and keep pace with the speed of newly installed switches and access points."

The power of NetXpert XG is that it tests installed cabling to 10G speeds. With a 10G speed test passing, without ripping and replacing cables, the NetXpert XG proves that the network can achieve speeds beyond design specs. If a test "fails", the NetXpert XG provides corrective action to achieve the desired speed upgrade. Qualifying network cabling speed beyond design specifications saves time and money when miles of existing CAT 5e or CAT 6 cables are left in place and higher network speeds are achieved.

NetXpert XG performs tests on copper, fiber, and wireless network cables. NetXpert XG performs TDR (time domain reflectometry measuring distance to fault), cable length measurement, includes tone generator, detects wire map, opens, shorts, shields, and POE tests.

In addition to cable tests, NetXpert XG is also an active network manager. In the same device, NetXpert XG performs DHCP tests, graphical network device discovery displaying reachable printers, servers, and clients; performs traceroute, detects VLANs, LLDP/CPD, IPv4, IPv6, and detects duplicate IP addresses.

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