Twin and Win

Uncover two special price cards and find our best promotional prices!

Each pair of cards shows the promotional price and the saving. Whether it's a certifier, qualifier, OTDR or fibre optic microscope - there's something here for everyone!

In addition, you can win 5% discount on all Softing IT Networks accessories, as well as the entire CableMaster series, with our online game.

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Twin and Win!

Reveal two cards each with one click and find the matching pairs. Time is measured from the first click. If you manage to find all the pairs in 2 1/2 minutes, you will receive a winning code! With the code, you will receive a 5% discount on all accessories from Softing IT Networks, as well as the entire CableMaster series.


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**Additional online chance to win: Valid for all accessories from Softing IT Networks, as well as the testers of the CableMaster series.           
The promotion is valid until 15.01.2022.