Cabling Infrastructure


Modern networks exhibit different wiring topologies

When working with modern networks in data centers and in industry, engineers often come across different copper cabling systems, e.g. Using coax cables, cabling systems such as Class FA or twisted-pair Ethernet cabling. This raises the question of finding the right measurement technology equipment. Economically speaking, it is not profitable to purchase an individual, expensive measurement device for each cable type. The solution then lies in using different adapters for a single measurement device.


Numerous adapters make the WireXpert is a real copper all-rounder

We have adapters available for the WireXpert, for example for coaxial cables for high frequency measurements within a range of 1 - 2400 MHz. Or Class FA measurement adapters for testing high performance twisted-pair cables with frequencies ranging from 1 MHz to 2.5 GHz in just 15 seconds and with reliable accuracy. The M12 adapters make it possible to certify industrial Ethernet cabling and support you in fulfilling special requirements for Channel and Permanent Links using M12 or RJ45 technology.





While the M12 D-coded adapters are designed for two pairs, the M12 X-coded four-pair wires test for certifications of 1/10 Gigabit transmissions over Ethernet. Poor quality of the patch cable is often the reason for poor cabling performance. It is therefore essential to check whether the patch cables used are in order. This is where the patch cable adapters come into play; these are suitable for all ISO and TIA patch cable standards and perform the quick and precise Dual Ended Test in under 10 seconds. WireXpert patch cable adapters are available for testing CAT5e, CAT6, CAT6A, CAT7 and CAT7A patch/connection cables.

Adapter safely stowed in a special device slot

The advantage of WireXpert adapter technology is that, during the measurement operation, the adapters are stored in a special slot on the back of the remote unit where they are protected against damage and breakage. This means the adapters cannot be damaged if the device is dropped.