DCRU CAT 6A+ Test-Adapters

Test Adapters for the WireXpert Series

Article Number: 228271

CAT6A+ adapters for the WireXpert Series enable all WireXpert 500, 500-PLUS and 4500 devices to test Direct Current Resistance Unbalance (DCRU) on twisted pair shielded and unshielded LAN cabling additionally to the regular Autotest parameters. CAT6A+ adapters also help to identify on shielded cables whether the cable shield is connected to the correct socket.

Application description for CAT 6A+ Adapters | DCRU

With the roll-out of high power PoE (Power over Ethernet) applications up to 60 or 100W, the Direct Current (DC) resistance of twisted pair cabling becomes an important parameter. If the DC resistance of a cable pair is too high and/or the DC resistance between pairs or even within wires of a pair differs too much, the temperature of that pair or wire can increase above the allowed cable or connector specification. As a result, that cabling will suffer accelerated aging or even damaging: Furthermore, there is also a significant risk to lose data due to signal distortion. Therefore, ISO/IEC, TIA and Cenelec have defined testing of DCRU as an optional parameter that can be added to regular cable certification, in case the use of high power PoE is planned for a specific cabling installation.


  • Measures DC Resistance Unbalance between and in pairs of twisted pair LAN cabling in accordance with TIA and IEC specifications
  • Allows additionally testing of all regular Autotest parameters such as Insertion Loss, NEXT, Return Loss, ACR-N and ACR-F and related Power-Sum values
  • Shield Integrity Test to determine correct connection of the shield to the cabling connections
  • Supports testing of crossover cables


Technical Details

Technical Details

Compatible with
  • WireXpert 500, WireXpert 500PLUS, WireXpert 4500 with software version 8.100 or higher
  • eXport PC documentation software version 8.100 or higher
Standards Compliance
  • ISO/IEC 11801-1:2017 Class D, E, EA Permanent Link and Channel
  • EN 50173-1:2018 Class D, E, EA Permanent Link and Channel
  • IEC 61935-1-2:2019
  • TIA568.2-D CAT 3, 5, 5e, 6, 6A Permanent Link and Channel
  • ANSI/TIA 1152-A
  • Channel Adapter: RJ45 socket
  • Permanent Link Adapter: TERA socket (requires an additional measurement cable set WX_AC_6ALCORD2)
Measurement of DC loop resistance
  • Range: 0 to 100Ω
  •  Accuracy: +/– (0.5Ω + 1% of DC loop resistance)
  • Resolution: 0.01Ω
Measurement of DC resistance unbalance within each pair
  • Range: 0 to 100Ω
  • Accuracy: +/– (0.025Ω + 0.3% of DC loop resistance for this pair)
  • Resolution: 0.005Ω
Measurement of DC resistance unbalance between pairs
  • Range: 0 to 100Ω
  • Accuracy: +/– (0.025Ω + 0.3% of average DC loop resistance for these two pairs)
  • Resolution: 0.005Ω
Cross-Over Cabling Test on
  • 1000Base-T
  • 100Base-T
WireXpert and eXport softwareVersion 8.1 or higher
Environmental conditionsSame as WireXpert 500, 500PLUS and 4500
Weight80g per piece


Ordering Information

Article number

228271Set of 2 CAT6A DCRU Channel Adapters includes:
2 DC Resistance Unbalance channel test adapters with RJ45 sockets, soft pouch, QSG
228273Set of 2 CAT6A DCRU Permanent Link Adapters includes:
2 DC Resistance Unbalance permanent link adapters with TERA sockets, soft pouch, QSG
IMPORTANT: Permanent Link measurement cords WX_AC_6ALCORD2 are not included


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