Longlife RJ45 Permanent Link measurement cable with replaceable tips

Maximum flexibility and minimized wear part costs through modular CAT6A measuring cable.

Article Number: WX-AC-6ALCORD2

The Longlife measuring cables are compatible with all WireXpert series copper certifiers, allowing very cost effective permanent link measurements with exchangeable RJ45 connectors.

Application description for Longlife RJ45 Permanent Link measurement cable with replaceable tips

During permanent link measurements the RJ45 plug of the measuring cable is the main wearing part because the RJ45 plugs age over time due to repeated insertions and have to be replaced. The longlife measurement cables feature a field replaceable RJ45 plug, which can be changed by the customer in just a few minutes. Corresponding replacement parts are offered by Softing.  Measurement cables can also occasionally be damaged in the field, e.g. by being jammed in steel cabinet doors or device cases. Another advantage of the longlife measurement cables is that the measurement cable itself is a comparatively inexpensive and easy-to-exchange spare part.

Features for Longlife RJ45 Permanent Link measurement cable

  • Permanent Link measurement up to 500MHz in compliance with ISO/IEC, EN, TIA, DIN and more standards
  • RJ45 centered connector compliant to ISO/IEC standards
  • Field replaceable RJ45 connector (part number: WX-AC-6ALCORDR1T)
  • Extremely short RJ45 measurement connector enables measurements in tight spaces

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