CableMaster 500

Affordable Cable Tester and Fault Locator

The CableMaster is the all-in-one tool for localizing cable faults in data cables, telephone cables and coax cables.

The length measurement function allows easy measurement of a cable run or distance to fault. A built-in tone generator is useful for tracing faults and finding the termination ends of installed cable of all types. Using the attached remote and wiremapper sets, one user can identify up to 19 remote and wiremapper sets.

  • Tests voice (6 wire), data (8 wire) and video (coax)
  • Tests and indicates pins with shorts, opens, reversals, miswires and split pairs
  • Displays 'Pass' icon for correctly wired 6-pin telephone plus 'Rev' for reversed-pinned
  • Measures length or distance to fault (open short)
  • Easy to read, extra large 7-segments LCD screen with large icons
  • Tone generator with selectable tone cadence and selectable pins carrying tone. Traces multiple cables runs with four usable tones to quickly distinguish between respective outlets
  • RJ master remote stores in bottom of case
  • Map 20 locations at one time
  • Low power consumption for long battery life
  • Auto power-off


  • One tool for testing voice, data and video
  • Built-in tone generator makes it easy to trace faults and find termination ends of installed cables
  • Length measurement function allows easy measurement of a cable run or distance to fault

Technical Details

General specifications


17,3 cm x 8,1 cm x 3,5 cm


305 g incl. Remote and Battery


9-V-Battery | standby 4 years | active 425 hours


2,75” backlit LCD


CableMaster 500

  • 1 CableMaster 500
  • 1 9V Battery
  • 1 Manual


CableMaster 550

  • 1 CableMaster 500
  • 1 Cable Probe CP15
  • 1 RK305 (RJ45 and F-Adaptor) (1-5)
  • 1 Cable assembly RJ45 to alligator clips
  • 2 RJ45 Cables
  • 2 9V Batteries
  • 1 Manual
  • 1 Soft pouch