Copper | Certifier

New technologies such as SmartHome or the Internet of Things are increasing the need for even more bandwidth and higher transmission rates. The development of data transmission via copper continues and high transmission speeds will be feasible in the future. The WireXpert cabling certifier was already the first measuring instrument up to category 8 on the market in 2010 to support a test range of up to 2,500 MHz. Networks that can provide this performance on copper cables require cleanly installed infrastructures and stable installations. For installers, this also means that new installations must be sufficiently certified and documented. Existing networks need to be examined and demonstrated to be capable of migration at higher speeds.

Not all cabling certifiers are equal when it comes to the functionality of local and remote devices. Normally there is a combination of intelligent and non-intelligent device. This is not a problem if you usually work with a partner. Otherwise, be prepared to go back and forth between your workplace and the local device to troubleshoot and analyze test results. Our local and remote devices of the WireXpert series are practically identical. This means that the work can be done much more quickly and easily by a single person. Regardless of the situation on site, this interchangeability always offers technicians the opportunity to save time. Another aspect to consider is replacement costs. The connectors are the weak link in the chain. In some devices from well-known manufacturers, the reference cables are permanently connected to the adapters. If the connectors are unusable due to wear, the entire adapter must be replaced. Our adapters are equipped with modular ports, separate test cables are included. If a connector fails, all you have to do is order a new set of test cables.