Session times are eastern time
6/23/22 Thursday WireXpert MM Fiber Training 2:00 PM
6/30/22 Thursday NetXpert XG Fiber Testing Training 2:00 PM
7/7/22 Thursday FiberXpert 5000 Troubleshooting Training 2:00 PM
7/21/22 Thursday WireXpert Copper Certification Training 9:00 AM
8/25/22 Thursday LinkXpert Network Troubleshooting Training 11:00 AM
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Training Sessions  
NetXpert XG Training Learn how to effectively work with an application qualifier to prove copper and fiber cable speed, POE testing, and active network testing
WireXpert Fiber Training Learn the globally accepted standard for LC or SC fiber 1 jumper set reference configuration; work with network & length limits; create reports; learn the entire set reference procedure which includes set reference and then test verification; test with both MM & SM
WireXpert Copper Training Learn about the WireXpert Dual Control System, learn labeling schemes, reporting, set reference, and proper test setup depending on the installed cable architecture