2020 BICSI Winter Conference

2020 BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition

Location: Tampa Bay Convention Center, Tampa, FL USA

Booth # 931

Date: February 9 - 13, 2020

Softing will be demoing the following products at BICSI

  • WireXpert fiber and copper Ethernet cable certifier
  • FiberXpert fiber optic troubleshooter
  • NetXpert XG the new fiber and copper cable tester and active network manager

Considering upgrading, or switching?  Drop me (Theresa) an email, and I'll schedule your personal demo where you can watch, or get hands on use, during the BICSI show.  Drop by for a quick overview or indepth discussion.  It will put your mind at ease about switching.

  Monday, Feb 10  
4:00pm NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
4:30pm WireXpert  
5:00pm FiberXpert, WireXpert  
6:00pm WireXpert  
6:30pm WireXpert, NetXpert XG  
  Tuesday, Feb 11  
2:15pm NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
3:00pm WireXpert  
3:45pm NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
4:30pm WireXpert, FiberXpert  
5:15pm WireXpert  
6:30pm WireXpert  
  Wednesday, Feb 12  
7:45am NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
8:30am WireXpert  
9:15am NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
9:45am WireXpert, FiberXpert  
10:30am NetXpert XG, WireXpert  
11:15am WireXpert