2020 Events

Softing will be demoing the following products at the tradeshows below

  • WireXpert fiber and copper Ethernet cable certifier
  • FiberXpert fiber optic troubleshooter
  • NetXpert XG the new fiber and copper cable tester and active network manager

Drop us a note for more details on how to meet.


Location: Denver

Date: Sept 8 - 12


Location: Las Vegas, NV

Date: Sept 20 - Oct 2


Location: Chicago

Date: Oct 3 - 6

Emerson Exchange

Location: Phoenix, AZ

Date: Oct 4 - 8

Rockwell Automation Fair

Location: Anaheim, CA

Date: Oct 15 - 19

Electronic Light Expo

Location: King of Prussia, PA

Date: October 22 - 23