Test your Ethernet cable. Prove the speed limit.

Order number: 226552

Wireless access point speeds at the end of the network are out-pacing the speeds of the installed cabling in the middle of the network. Is it possible that your installed cabling will handle speeds beyond design spec and will keep up with speeds of the new wireless access points? Is it possible to leave your CAT 5e and CAT 6 cables in place, and achieve 1Gbit/sec speeds?  10Gbits/sec speeds?

To find out, with the single press of a button, three key tests are run with the NetXpert XG. In one click, NetXpert XG performs a live speed test sending 1Gb/s through your cable (BERT), and will prove if the cable will perform beyond design spec and keep pace with the speed of newly installed access points.

NetXpert XG is the only cable tester and active network manager to perform BERT (bit error rate test), SNR (signal-to-noise ratio), and delay skew to 1G, 5G, or 10G speeds at the press of a button. Now you can perform real-time bit throughput tests to see if your installed cables will run up to 10Gb.

The cable qualifier that is defining a new category -- the cable project qualifier

If you are a cable installer, network owner, network builder, or system integrator, you'll be excited to hear that NetXpert XG includes a project editor and auto test generator for up to 1000 cables, and test reports you can keep for your records or leave with your customer.  Once the tests are created, plug in the cable, click test, and NetXpert XG starts testing the cable to IEEE 802.3 standards to prove the speed of your cable.  Not only do you get a wiremap and cable length, NetXpert XG tests BERT, SNR, Delay Skew, distance to opens, shorts, or miswires.  As a bonus you get active network tests for copper, fiber, and wireless.  And, with 2 NetXpert XG local units, you can test fiber cables.

One touch bit error rate test, signal-to-noise ratio, and delay skew

By performing a Bit Error Rate Test (BERT) and standards based tests as per IEEE 802.3an, the NetXpert XG proves the error-free data transmission up to 10Gb/s.

A one touch auto test includes BERT, signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and delay skew, all of which can impact Gigabit transmission.

Signal-to-noise ratio checks to ensure noise is low enough and signal is high enough for reliable transmission.  Delay skew indicates the signal time delay between the wire pairs. Excessive delay from one pair can result in a serious degradation of transmission performance making it impossible for the receiver to interpret the data stream correctly. 

All three crucial measurements for determining reliable data transmission are performed at the touch of a button.  When you are ready to test the next cable, hit test again, and NetXpert XG advances automatically to the next cable being tested.  Each test result is automatically stored to a summary report and a detailed report in pdf, csv, or xml format.



Get graphical results

Continuity test results of all 8 wires and the shielding are displayed in wire map format in full color, while showing cable faults such as opens, shorts, miswires, and split pairs on a clear and easy to understand graphical display. NetXpert determines the cable length and the distance to opens and shorts performing full TDR (Time Domain Reflectometer) measurement in combination with a capacitance measurement, for increased accuracy.

Get Faster Results

Use the project editor, test type editor, and cable editor to graphically pre-configure 10's or 100's of tests.  Then, the simple one touch autotest can be initiated either from the main unit or from the Active Remote, which saves time spent walking between outlets and reduces the overall task time when testing 100's of cables by yourself.  Pre-configure your tests for a project or job, and then simply hit the test button as you move from cable to cable.

When troubleshooting, cable tests can be performed individually through the tools menu to minimize fault-finding time.


High-resolution 7-inch touch screen

The large high-resolution touch screen is visible in bright daylight and in poor lighting conditions. The 7" touch screen provides space to navigate with excellent readability of results.

Rugged casing with hanging straps

Equipped with hanging straps at both sides, the NetXpert XG allows for one-handed use, leaving a hand free to connect the NetXpert XG to the next cabling channel under test.

Troubleshooting active PoE++ networks

For troubleshooting active PoE++ networks, NetXpert XG offers a comprehensive tool set. This includes load tests for voltage drop to verify stability of PoE supplies, identification of the devices connected to the network, and detection of availability of critical devices such as IP cameras, wireless access points, and network routers.

NetXpert XG offers internal storage even for large projects and generates complete standards-based measurement reports.

Extensive accessories turn the NetXpert XG into the ultimate multi-tool – from locating individual cables with the built-in tone generator or the remote identifiers, to generating measurement documentation, and active network troubleshooting of PoE++ networks.

With NetXpert XG Plus, Perform fiber optic measurements

The NetXpert XG Plus offers full flexibility regardless of whether you are measuring fiber or copper cabling. Using available SFP/SFP+ ports, various active fiber tests such as protocol detection (CDP/ LLDP), network ping test, and network discovery can be performed. In the area of passive cable tests, qualification of fiber optic cabling will be possible by connecting one main unit at each end.  Main units have SFP ports which can be upgraded to fiber.  Active remotes only support copper.  Ask about the NetXpert XG Plus package with two main units. To obtain high-quality test results, it is recommended to use SFPs tested by Softing IT Networks for active and passive tests.

Extendable platform

NetXpert XG ensures platform extendability for high-speed qualification.

The NetXpert XG offers simple firmware upgrades, and a license system allows for upgrades even after your initial purchase.

There are 3 license-able speed options: 1G, 5G, and 10G. The purchase of an upgrade license extends the speed of the device one step upwards.

All wear parts (e.g. RJ45 jack) can easily and conveniently be replaced.

Cable Project Qualifier

  • Use the project editor, cable test editor, test label editor to pre-configure your cable testing projects
  • Press test to automatically sequence up to 1000 cable tests from the local or remote device to increase cable testing efficiency when working alone
  • Test data cabling for IEEE 802.3 compliance at data rates up to 10 Gb/s (BERT)
  • Determine signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) for compliance up to 10 Gb/s
  • Measure delay skew for compliance up to 10Gb/s
  • Measure length of cable with TDR and capacitance measurements for highly accurate test results and easier troubleshooting
  • Full-color wire map shows distance to open, distance to short, miswires, split pairs, and shield on a color graphical display
  • Save test results and generate standards-based measurement reports providing "Pass/Fail" indication in pdf, csv, or xml format

Perform active network management

  • Support for IPv4 and IPv6
  • Discover your network and see the connected network devices
  • Identifies defective PoE switches with a PoE load test
  • DHCP test
  • Ping lists can be defined and saved for later use
  • LLDP/CDP detection and analysis
  • Identifies VLANs present in your network
  • Data transfer from the tester to the PC using USB stick, wireless, or bluetooth connectivity



Length Measurement Technology

Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and capacitance

Cable Measurements

Cable Testing and ID: up to 1,000 ft (305 m)
Split Pair Detection: 3 ft (1 m) to 1,000 ft (305 m)
Length Measurement: 0 to 1,500 ft (457 m), ± (5%+1ft (30 cm))
Distance to fault: 0 to 656 ft (200 m) ± (5% + 3ft (1m))
Supports 8 wiremap remotes (RJ 45) and 24 RJ-45 ID only

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Test supports IEEE 802.3af PoE (Type 1, max 15.4W),
IEEE 802.3at PoE+ (Type 2, 30W) and 802.3bt PoE++ (Type 3, 60W)
Future proofed for IEEE 802.3bt Type 4 100W higherpower PoE

Active Ethernet

Network and test support by interface:
Copper RJ-45 interface –100/1,000/2,500/5,000/10,000 Mb/sec link speeds
Fiber SFP+ #1 interface supports 10Gb/sec link speed
Fiber SFP+ #2 interface supports 1Gb/sec link speed
WiFi 802.11 a/b/g/n 2.4 Ghz WiFi and Bluetooth

Maximum Voltages

Maximum voltage that can be applied to any 2 connector pins without causing damage to the tester:
RJ-45: 60 VDC or 50 VAC

Save Test Results

Stores virtually unlimited cable or network tests with user defined names per project

Tone Generation

Tone Frequencies: 730 Hz and 1440 Hz


English, German, French, Spanish


Li-Ion, 7.2 VDC, 3.1A-hr (typical)
Battery Life at 10Gb: 5 hrs minimum, 24 hrs stand-by


Operating: 14 to 140° F (-10 to 60°C)
Storage: -22 to 158°F (-30 to 70°)


10 to 90% non-condensing


Injection molded plastic


7" Color TFT-LCD capacitive touch display,
1024 x 600 resolution (WSVGA)


245 x 177 x 73 mm (main unit)
130 x 177 x 55 mm (Active Remote)

Weight with Battery

2.6lbs (1.2 kg) main unit
1.3lbs (0.6 kg) Active Remote


Standard scope of delivery

Part number 226554 includes:

1 x NetXpert Main Unit
1 x Active Remote
2 x Power supply
2 x Test cable
1 x Hard case
1 x Micro-USB adapter
1G License

Part number 226553 includes:  Same as above except 5G license

Part number 226552 includes:  Same as above except 10G license

Fiber Passive Qualification

Order quantity 2 of any of the following:

- 226554 1G NetXpert XG

- 226553 5G NetXpert XG

- 226552 10G NetXpert XG
(Multimode OM4 and Singlemode OS2)


Order number

Note: Each NetXpert XG package includes a copper remote.  For passive fiber cable qualification, minimum order quantity is 2 NetXpert XG version since main unit will be used at both ends of the fiber cable.


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