Accurate network designs start with accurate site survey information. iBwave Mobile Noteis a powerful and intuitive Android app that completely simplifies the site survey process. Collect all of your site survey information in one tool, save it to one file, and easily share it with your team or partners via the cloud. Watch as the hours you usually spend processing site information disappears and the accuracy and constructibility of your wireless network designs skyrocket.

"iBwave Mobile Note reduces the time and cost of site surveys. It also enables non‑RF engineers to perform many RF engineer site survey tasks."

- David Paolini, Betacom Inc.

Simplify your site survey toolkit

Install the iBwave Mobile Note app on the existing phone or tablet you bring on‑site to transform it into the ultimate iBwave site survey tool. Use it to capture and centralize customer requirements, floor plans, photos, notes, construction markup and RF measurements.

  • Draw floor plans or create them from a picture
  • Seamless data exchange with compatible network test tools
  • Create geo‑located pushpins with photo, video, audio and text notes
  • Add construction markup & cable routes

Share survey files and photos, easier

iBwave Mobile Note makes it easy to share files between field and office teams. All the survey documentation including photos, notes and measurements are saved to a single file (.ibwm), ready to import on iBwave Design floor plans and making sure no data is lost.

All elements contained in a single file:

  1. Annotated photos
  2. Plan markup
  3. RF Measurements

Eliminate post-survey data processing

With iBwave Mobile Note, the time you currently spend organizing, processing and importing your site survey measurements and documentation is eliminated. The integration with iBwave Design replaces the traditionnal .csv, .log and .tab files export and import, as well as the creation of lenghty post‑survey reports.

  • Seamless import of survey in iBwave Design or free iBwave Viewer
  • Generate annotation reports with the location of all photos and notes
  • Generate measurements plots for all technologies
  • Export reports to PDF, DOC, PPT and more

Optimize your resources and costs

With iBwave Mobile Note, you can have a team of field technicians conducting site surveys and capturing the site documentation while another team is back at the office completing the detailed design in iBwave Design. As a result, your resources, and the cost of those resources, are optimized.

Prevent redesigns

Use iBwave Mobile Note to capture and send RF engineers the site survey information directly in their iBwave Designs – so they have all the information and visuals at their fingertips to take the best design decisions the first time. No more surprise skylights, giant chandeliers or fancy wood moldings discovered only after the design is done. No more lengthy import of RF measurements, and no more struggling to find information in different files and folders.

  • Open the project from the cloud in iBwave Design with all collected data
  • Display back all received RF measurements on iBwave floor plans
  • Update RF components location and properties