The One Reason Cable Installers are making the Switch
to Softing’s WireXpert: Dual Control System™

Softing’s WireXpert delivers speed of use in getting network cables certified with the Dual Control System™.

There are four key differentiating features including the WireXpert’s Dual Control System™ platform.

What is a cable certifier and why is it important to you

First let’s talk about what a cable certifier is, and why it’s important to you.

Today, office buildings, malls, industrial plants, and even football stadiums have network communication cables connecting data centers, computers, and people. In fact, you may be the person that’s installing these fiber and copper network communication cables in these facilities. In the past, you installed a CAT 5e data cable, and as long as systems communicated, you were done. Today, data rates are getting faster, cable specs are being pushed to the limit, and even installation practices can be the difference between achieving acceptable performance from the cable, or having problems to troubleshoot.

What is a cable certifier and why is it important to you

CAT 5e, CAT 6, and CAT 6A network cables, for example, each have progressively stringent globally accepted performance standards. Once you install these cables, in many cases you are required to test them to certify that your installation meets these global performance standards.
When the project is done, you want to offer a warranty backed by the cable and connector manufacturers, so the installation is required to be certified

This is exactly what a cable certifier, like the WireXpert, does.

The WireXpert certifies that your cable, and your installation, meets global performance standards, and allows you to offer a warranty backed by the cable manufacturer.

What is a cable certifier and why is it important to you

Why is cable certification important?

Poor cable routing, improper shielding, untwisting of cable pairs, sliced insulation, even wrong cables can all contribute to slower data rates in high performance communication cables.

Before the cables even get connected to routers, switches, or computers, testing and certification will show whether the cable will meet the performance criteria specified by your customer.

After certification, you’ll be able to hand over a report that shows that the installation fully meets the global performance standards your customer expects from your installed cables.

Dual Control System™, get certification done


From enterprise business networks to data centers, you’re about to learn why installers are making the switch to WireXpert, and why cable installers trust Softing for cable certification. I’m going to introduce you to four key differentiating features of the WireXpert Cable Certifier. You will see how these four features contribute to one thing… speed of use in getting cable certifications done. Speed of use is not only just about performing a test fast.

Softing’s goal is to ensure that the speed of the WireXpert is pervasive throughout the certifier platform touching every aspect of your entire work process.

Now let's talk about the WireXpert’s most important differentiator -- the Dual Control System™. In the next pages we will explain how this platform differentiator touches every aspect of your entire work process to help you get tests done.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

The WireXpert is the only platform that offers the Dual Control System™, standard. What does this mean?

The Dual Control System™ means you have two identical certifiers.

It means you have graphical displays on both certifiers.

It means you have processors on both certifiers. You can initiate and run tests from either end of the cable.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

Think about why this is important, and the efficiency you get with the Dual Control System™.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

You’re standing at the remote unit, at the other end of a copper communication cable to be tested. The test completes. But, the test fails.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

Without the Dual Control System™, you see nothing but a fail light – no information.

With the Dual Control System™, you look down, and you see the wiremap on the graphical color display on the remote unit.

You instantly see that there is an open in wire 8 at zero meters right in front of you.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

You pull out your tools, you re-terminate the connector.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

Now, you hit Autotest from the remote side, and...

Dual Control System™, get certification done the test passes. When you need to troubleshoot, that’s when you’ll love the power of the WireXpert. Every time there’s a cable issue, the Dual Control System™ can reduce your troubleshooting and certification effort by 50%.

You don’t need to go get the certifier with the display. Your holding the certifier with the display even on the remote side. Imagine that kind of efficiency on every job you do. You don’t need to settle for half of a certifier, when, with WireXpert, and the Dual Control System™ you get a full certification platform, standard. Oh, and ask about the 3 around 1 mode. For large projects, you can have 3 remote certifiers running around the plant, all certifying cables back to 1 local certifier.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

The Dual Control System™ is a productivity booster with every test, even when cable tests pass. With the Dual Control System™, you can see test parameters and get a sense of the head room you have with each passing test.

And if your customer is standing next to you, you can point to the graphical display in your hand, and take credit knowing your installation practices had a lot to do with the great test results you just achieved.

Dual Control System™, get certification done

The Dual Control System™ is a complete certification tool that allows you to see wiremaps, test values, distance to fault, and cable labels being tested on both ends of the cable.

When you start certifying or troubleshooting with the Dual Control System™ with two identical units, and you’re looking down at the graphical color display on the remote side, and you have full control on the remote side, you’ll wonder why you ever certified cables any other way.

List-based Testing, streamline your work process

List-base testing is another important differentiator of the WireXpert, which will boost your efficiency even before you get on site to certify cables.

List-based Testing, streamline your work process

OK, here’s the scenario:

You’re planning a job where you have to install and certify 500 CAT 6A high performance network cables.

You’re installing Berk-Tek LANmark-10G2 cables, and you're using Leviton eXtreme CAT 6A QuickPort connectors.

List-based Testing, streamline your work process

Your project site will be at West Towne Mall data center.

List-based Testing, streamline your work process

Before you even lay the first cable, you’re already using Softing’s WireXpert project management tool.

You open up WireXpert’s eXport software.

Watch the instruction video on the left or download here the instructions.

List-based Testing, streamline your work process

After you install the cables, you are ready to certify your installation. With List-based Testing, that entire list of labels is downloaded to your WireXpert, and viewable on the local certifier.

Here in-lies the power of the WireXpert’s List-based testing… You now have a list of all 500 cable labels viewable and selectable, in any order you want, on your WireXpert screen.  You get to select the order of the cables being tested; it’s list-based. This can double your efficiency if a test fails and you need to fix a cable, and then re-visit the test later. In fact, on your certifier, the list of tests that need to be run are white. Tests that pass are green. Tests that have failed are red. So you can quickly and efficiently scroll the list of cables, see by color-code what you’ve done and what needs to be done, and cables can be tested in any order. List-based testing is a great example of how the WireXpert platform helps streamline your work process.

Flexible Adapters provide efficiency in the field

WireXpert’s Flexible Cable Adapters boost your efficiency in the field and extend the longevity of the platform.


Flexible Adapters provide efficiency in the field

Did you know that with Softing’s WireXpert, the cable adapter is a media converter. What does this mean? And why is this important?

1. The processing power is in the WireXpert platform, not the adapter. This means that adding accessories to your WireXpert kit is more cost effective to you. It means the adapters are smaller and easier to handle. It means adapters install easier and faster, which again saves you time.

2. If you need multiple adapters for copper cable jobs, fiber cable jobs, or MPO for example, Softing’s WireXpert has the adapter for you. Just pop out the current adapter, and snap in the next adapter, and you’re ready to go. By the way, another efficiency booster is that these flexible cable adapters are hot swappable.

Flexible Adapters provide efficiency in the field

Here’s a scenario… let’s say you own one of Softing’s WireXpert 4500 kits. And you just bought it 6 months ago, but today, Softing is announcing support for CAT 8. You are probably thinking, I’ll need to buy the latest generation platform. With Softing’s WireXpert, remember, the processor is in the platform. What you may not realize is that Softing built a very powerful local and remote platform for today’s needs and many future needs.

So, in this case, you don’t need to buy a new platform. All you need to do is to buy a new CAT 8 adapter for your existing WireXpert, and you will be able to start certifying CAT 8 today.

You’ve invested in a smart choice with the WireXpert. Flexible Cable Adapters is a key differentiator that provides efficiency in the field, and also extend the longevity of your cable certification platform.

The convenience package is always included

Another key differentiator of the WireXpert is the Convenience package that’s always included.

When customers are buying a certifier, Softing commonly get’s asked about the Convenience Package. With Softing, we have one vision. Everything we do, down to including table top stands for your WireXpert, is to help increase speed of use.

That’s why Softing includes the Convenience Package with every WireXpert kit sold. It’s not an option. It doesn’t cost extra.

The convenience package is always included

Your WireXpert comes with hanging cleats, a table top stand, and a shoulder strap to give you multiple methods to position the WireXpert so you can use it because we know your environment is in the field, and you have to adapt wherever you go.

Your WireXpert comes with a hard carrying case. The last thing you need is an accident with your $30k certification kit. A damaged certifier will cost you days of downtime from cable certification projects. With the WireXpert, a hard carrying case is always included for your convenience, and to protect your investment when you travel, when you load up the truck, and to help you easily and more safely transport your equipment.

The convenience package is always included

Your WireXpert includes a stylus.  Convenience sometimes comes in the form of preferences. Some people text with thumbs, other people like to write with a stylus or pen. We give you both the touch screen and the stylus to operaate the certifiers. You pick.

The convenience package is always included

Softing includes everything you need to test… SC and LC connectors in both multi-mode and single mode, and our multimode adapter is encircled flux enabled.

With Softing, and with every WireXpert, the convenience package is always included.

The hard carrying case, hanging cleats, table top stand, shoulder strap, stylus, and everything you need to certify cables is always included as a convenience to you.

Make the switch. Join the Softing family of owners that call the WireXpert, Dual Control System™ platform, the smart choice.

For further product information and documentation please visit the WireXpert product page.

You might also find interesting the CAT 8 FAQs.

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