WireXpert Promotion

Now, until April 28, 2017, get a free tablet, with GPS, with Bluetooth, with WiFi, with 32GB storage, and with your WireXpert Export Software installed so you can store your certification reports, manage your certification reports, and send your reports from anywhere you are connected. You can even snap a photo of a damaged connector or cable with the tablet’s built-in camera. Smart.

If you are holding an outdated cable certifier, make the switch to Softing’s WireXpert Cable Certifier. Like so many other cable installers, switch to WireXpert, and you will enjoy a fully featured local and remote unit with a full color display; you will clearly see the difference with the WireXpert Dual Control System™. Read-on to see why
WireXpert is considered the smart choice.

With the WireXpert Dual Control System™, you have identical tools in the local certifier’s hand and the remote certifier’s hand at each end of the cable. That’s powerful; twice the power compared to other testers. WireXpert is the only complete cable certification platform that comes standard with the Dual Control System™. For example, a wrong wire map shows up visually on the color remote screen. You see this immediately, and clearly. Smart.


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