Created specifically for small to medium size projects, iBwave Design Lite is the most affordable way to simplify and accelerate your in‑building wireless network design process. With dynamically calculated RF calculations, automatic bills of materials, on‑screen error validation, 3D prediction capabilities and KPI compliance checks, iBwave Design Lite eliminates the manual steps of designing wireless networks so you can focus on the most important part - delivering high‑quality networks that will impress your customers, win you more projects and grow your revenues.

"iBwave's 3D predictive modeling and new smart antenna contouring with fast ray tracing takes Wi-Fi design tools to a whole new level."

- Alan Blake, CWNE #129, CWNT, United Kingdom -

Reduce network design time

Automate the manual work of designing in‑building wireless networks and save an estimated 30% or more off your design time.

  • Passive DAS, small cells, non‑fiber based public safety
  • Dynamically calculated RF calculations
  • Automatic cable length measurements
  • Automatically generated accurate bill of materials
  • Over 29,000 network components to design with

Improve network quality

Use the optional propagation module to ensure the quality of your network. Model the building on top of your floor plan and run propagation to predict the signal strength of your design on each floor.

  • Import walls from raster CAD files, PDF or images
  • Assign materials from materials database
  • Simultaneous multi‑band propagation 3D prediction analysis
  • VPLE propagation model using environment density zones
  • COST 231 Multi Wall propagation model
  • Compliancy results based on user defined criteria
  • Customizable output map legends

Reduce capital expenditure

Over designing a network can be expensive. With iBwave Design Lite you can eliminate this risk by modeling your venue in detailed 3D and then simulating your network before it’s deployed to optimize hardware placement for the most cost efficient design.

  • Venue modeling and 3D viewer
  • Automatic error‑checking
  • On screen debug list
  • Network simulation

Quickly generate reports

Once your design is complete you can quickly generate your link budget, equipment lists and compliancy reports to ensure alignment with your customer’s network requirements and close out your project quickly.

  • Annotations report
  • Output maps
  • RF Survey
  • Equipment list
  • Link budget

Collaborate on projects easier

Designing a network can be a big job with many different stakeholders involved. With iBwave Design Lite, you can easily collaborate with your customers, and your other team members with iBwave Viewer and seamless integration to iBwave Mobile and Unity.