Coax Adapter

Coax Cable Solution

WireXpert's unique test solution for Coax Cable

Coax Cabling solution has a wide RF measurements frequency range of 1-2,400 MHz. The Autotest takes about 15 seconds and both dual-ended and single-ended testing can be performed. There are customizable test limits for insertion loss and return loss.

  • RF measurements frequency range: 1-2,400 MHz
  • Autotest time: 15 seconds
  • Customizable test limits for insertion loss and return loss
  • Both dual-ended and single-ended tests


  • Round off the versatility of the WireXpert. The coax adapters enable you to perform certifications up to 2,400MHz
  • Rapidly detect weaknesses and disruptions in coaxial cabling systems
  • Support of custom-defined test limits for specialized applications

Technical Details

General specifications

Supported Connectors

F connector (built-in)
Others via adapters


  • 2x Coax Adapter
  • 2x Test cords with F connectors
  • 2x coupler F/F
  • 1x test report
  • 1x termination



To find the standard go to SETUP --> „Test“ --> „Test Limit“ --> Coax

The adapter pair is equipped with an F type connector.

The available coax adapters are specified for cabling links of 75ohms.