CableMaster 600


Cabling tester for network, telephone, coax cabling as well as determining the cable length and distance to the fault

Equipped with a RJ45 jack for network cables and an F-connector for coax cables, CableMaster 600 verifies the wire map, determines the cable length and distance to the fault. The results can be saved and documented using the PC-based reporting software. CableMaster 600 offers a multitude of functions for trouble-shooting such as cable tracing, link detection up to 1Gb/s, PoE tests and port/outlet identification with ID remotes.

CableMaster 600 is perfectly suited for professional installers and network operators who are challenged with testing network (RJ45) and coax cabling, verifying the correct wiring, determining cable lengths and documenting all this in test reports.

  • Tests network and coaxial cables (RJ45 jack and F connector)
  • Displays wire map in graphical format for rapid trouble-shooting
  • Determines cable length and distance to the cable fault performing a full TDR measurement
  • High resolution color display for excellent readability in any environment
  • Generation of test reports and documentation with PC-based reporting software
  • Extensive test and fault finding capabilities such as: Cable tracing/port identification using a tone probe, PoE detection and testing, Link test up to 1 Gb/s, Outlet/port identification with ID remotes


  • Test your network and coax cabling quickly and conveniently (RJ45 and F-coaxial connectors)
  • Get an overview of the correct cable wiring with a graphical display in wire map format
  • Determine cable lengths and distance to cable faults with a full TDR measurement
  • Carry out a PoE load test to ensure trouble-free operation of PoE devices (displays voltage and power)
  • Quickly document your work within a blink of the eye with screenshots of your test results

Technical Details

General specifications


  • CableMaster 600
  • Cable tester, incl. 1 network/tel testing and ID remote
  • 6x AA batteries
  • 2x RJ45 cables
  • Micro USB cable
  • Pouch
  • CableMaster 650
  • Cable tester, incl. 1 Cable Tracker CT15 tone probe
  • 8 network/tel testing and ID remotes
  • Cable assembly RJ45 to alligator clips
  • No. 1-20 coax ID remotes
  • 6x AA batteries
  • 9x RJ45 cables
  • Micro USB cable
  • Pouch



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Navigate to the system settings of the device (gear-icon) and scroll down until the length option appears.

The sound can be received with a tone probe (accessory unit). You will need our CT15 Probes (article no. 226007).

You are probably using a shielded/laminated cable. The shielding is used for electromagnetic shielding of the cable, so the signal of the sound generator is shielded. However, you can still receive the tone at the open ends or sockets/plugs on the cable with the probes.

You can change the language of the CableMaster 600/650 in the menu "Options". Available languages are: German, English, Italian, Spanish, French.

The CableMaster 600/650 is only able to connect to 100 BASE-TX. The CableMaster 600/650 nevertheless recognizes, however, 1000 Base-TX.

Never push a RJ11/RJ12 connector into the RJ45 socket on the CableMaster 600/650! The RJ45 socket can be damaged! Adapters are commercially available. Use an adapter to test a RJ12 cable with the CableMaster 600/650. RJ11 cables are not supported.

Check the charge level of your batteries the battery indicator at the upper right of the screen. If the battery level is low and red, please change your batteries. If the fault can not be corrected, please contact our Support:

Please perform a firmware update of your CableMaster 600/650 to correct this error. Go to to obtain the firmware package.

Your device does not have a defect. Follow these steps to resolve the behavior:
1. Update to the latest firmware (
2. Zero the length before testing. Navigate to "Options" and press the button "zeroing".
3. Make sure that all connections are securely attached to the track.

"Power over Ethernet" (from the Engl .; "Power over Ethernet"), abbr .: PoE, is a technique that can supply power to network- devices over the eight-wire Ethernet cable. The CableMaster 600/650 performs a load test on voltage stability and detects any possible power classes and types.

The CableMaster 600/650 supports IEEE 802.3af and (PoE +) and loads up to 25.5 watts (in class 4 detection of mode A or B).

A "split pair" - error is a rare cabling error. It occurs when an identical mistake was made at the assembly on both sides of a cabling link. The white veins of two identical pairs are reversed at both ends, although consistent the orientation of the wires causes very high crosstalk. The result: A communication of active components is not possible.

The CableMaster 600/650 has two firmware versions: C and L. You´ve put on the wrong version on your tester. Connect the tester to the PC again and put the other version on it.