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COVID-19 circuit breaker: Heightened safe-distancing measures to reduce movement

In line with the Government's "Circuit Breaker" measures over the COVID-19 situation in Singapore, non-essential services and companies will be closed from 7th April to 4th May 2020.

Read more on Singapore's "Circuit Breaker" Heightened safe-distancing measures.

During this critical moment where everybody is, and should be, staying home or contributing their roles to the essential services, the performance of the internet at homes and enterprises is more important than ever. The increase in bandwidth traffic from video streaming to video conferencing at homes is making it more vital than ever that networks are performing to their intended specifications.

Singapore’s Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) has recognized Softing Singapore’s essential role in supporting network providers and operators to ensure standards are complied with and performance is guaranteed, we have been issued an Exemption from Suspension of Workplace Activities in our Cintech I facilities. We will therefore be able to serve you with the supply of products, technical support, as well as calibrations during this period.

Reachability and support

As most of the team are still working from home, you are still recommended to contact us via email and we appreciate your understanding should there be some delays in our responses as tools and discussions are not as readily available.

  1. Sales and Marketing:
  2. Technical Support:

Thank you for your understanding and let us work together in ensuring safety for everybody during this difficult period.

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