The successful WireXpert 4500 is now also available in an configuration WireXpert 4500-PRO for users that install cabling for 4 pair PoE (4PPoE) appplications and thus require the optional DCRU measurement.

A cable certifier for all standards
WireXpert also provides certification in accordance with Cat 6/Cat 6A/Class EA and supports advanced certification of fiber optic installations operating at 850/1300nm and 1310/1550nm. In addition, a range of measurement modules are available, e.g. for coax, M12-D-coded and X-coded.

DCRU – DC-Resistance Unbalance ex works
WireXpert 4500-PRO ships with Cat 6A + permanent link and channel adaptors instead of the regular Cat 6A adaptors. Cat 6A+ Adaptors enable the according to ISO/IEC optional DCRU test (DC-Resistance unbalance), which is particular important for cabling that should support 4PPoE ( = 90W remote powering over twisted pair cabling).

Quick and lightweight
The shortest measuring times and intuitive device operation deliver quick acceptance measurements. Thanks to its light weight, the handy WireXpert is ideally suited to field use.


  • Cabling certification up to Cat 8, Class I and II
  • The combined copper- and fiber optic testing makes the device most suitable for data centers and large installations
  • Acceptance measurement on cabling for 90W PoE possible in scope of delivery
  • Copper measurements up to Cat 8, Class I and II
  • Optional adaptors for multimode and singlemode fiber
  • DC resistance unbalance (DCRU) adaptors include in the kit
  • Combi solution for the most demanding measurements on copper and fiber optic cables

Product details


wirexpert 4500 pro scope of delivery
  • WX4500 PRO
  • 2x Main certification test units
  • 2x Li-Ion batteries
  • 2x Stylus with Cords
  • 2x Display protection cover
  • 2x Cat 6A + Permanent Link Adapter
  • 2x Cat 6A Permanent Link Test Cords
  • 2x Cat 6A + Channel Adapter
  • USB Stick with reference manual and eXport software
  • 2x Talk sets
  • 2x AC Power Adapters
  • 2x Country Specific Power Cords
  • Calibration certificate
  • Quick Reference Guide
  • Soft Carry Case


Copper Channel Testing

Dual ended Multimode Fiber Test - Performing a Fiber Optic Certification Test (i)

Fiber Multimode Encircled Flux Testing

List Based Testing

Fiber Multimode Testing