Qualification + BERT, commissioning and troubleshooting - intuitive, flexible, fast

NetXpert XG2 is the cable tester for you if...

  • you need to prove Ethernet cable performance to an application speed of 100Mb, 1G, 5G, or 10G
  • you have a suspect cable installation or environment with EMI
  • you have old cables and you need to prove they will work with new access points or higher than designed speeds
  • you need to prove that copper cables longer than 100 meters will perform
  • you need to test copper, Wi-Fi, and PoE (no fiber)
  • certification is not required
  • cable warranty is not being supplied by a cable manufacturer

High data transmission rates up to 10Gb/s Ethernet and new Power-over-Ethernet, PoE, applications up to 90W lead to new challenges in the field of structured cabling. NetXpert XG2 offers comprehensive active network and passive cable testing, with BERT testing, to prove cable speed up to 10Gb/s for qualification, commissioning, and troubleshooting on copper and fiber cabling.

With the largest touch display in its class, NetXpert XG2 guarantees easy operation and clear presentation of results.  NetXpert XG2 offers a unique method to prove cable speed due to the combination of 5 test methods for the evaluation of a data link - BERT (bit error rate test), SNR (signal to noise ratio), Delay Skew, Wiremap, and length of cable.

Flexible, expandable model range - upgradeable BERT from 1 to 10Gb/s

NetXpert XG2 and NetXpert XG2-PLUS perform BERT cable testing from 1 to 10Gb/s.  With their unique combination of 5 measurement methods, these cable testers check whether your cabling can transmit Ethernet up to 10Gb/s without interference from noise, distortion, damaged cables, or EMI (electromagnetic interference).

The NetXpert XG2 is available in the entry version starting at 1Gb/s BERT and can be upgraded to 10Gb/s BERT at any time by downloadable license.

The NetXpert XG2-PLUS is fully equipped to perform BERT over fiber optic cabling up to 10Gb/s.  Watch video.

Active Network Tester

NetXpert XG2 can perform active network tests such as DHCP, switch IP address, switch speed (not BERT), gateway address, subnet mask, DNS server, lease time, response time, network discovery, ping, check for duplicate IPs, traceroute, LLDP, CDP, and check for VLANs.  One extremely powerful tool is the ability to insert your SFP into an available NetXpert XG2 bay and check SFP properties.  Watch video.

PoE Testing.  Watch video.

Wi-Fi Testing.  Watch video.


Advantages NetXpert XG2

Areas of application
  • If you don't have to certify your installation, but you need to prove Ethernet performance, with reporting, for an application after installation, the NetXpert XG2 BERT tester is the ideal device to prove cable performance and perform network testing for installers, system integrators and industrial applications.
Special characteristics
  • Flexibility through upgrade options to test BERT at 1Gb/s to 2.5/5Gb/s or directly to 10Gb/s, as well as BERT over fiber
  • Combination device for testing passive cabling and active networks
  • Function and PoE load tests
Your benefit
  • Professional reporting of the cable test results or network test results in PDF or CSV format with your logo.
  • Determination and documentation of the maximum bandwidth of copper and fiber optic cabling with BERT up to 10Gb/s, SNR, Delay Skew, and wiremap
  • Troubleshooting tool for active networks (copper, fiber, WiFi)

Product details NetXpert XG2


Standard scope of delivery

1 NetXpert XG2 main unit
1 Active Remote
2 power supplies
2 RJ45 Cat 6A test cables, shielded
1 hard case
1 quick start guide



Copper Interface

1 x Cat 6A RJ45, interchangeable

Fiber optic interface

2 x SFP slot 1 - 10Gb/s (please order SFP modules separatly)

Length Measurement Technology

Time-Domain Reflectometry (TDR) and capacitance

Cable Testing and ID

Up to 1000ft (305m)
– Split Pair Detection: 3ft (1m) to 1000ft (305m)
– Length Measurement: 0 to 1500ft (457m), ± (5%+1ft (30cm))
– Distance to fault: 0 to 656ft (200m) ± (5% + 3ft (1m))
– Supports 8 wiremap remotes (RJ 45) and 24 RJ45 ID only remotes

Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Test supports IEEE 802.3af PoE (Type 1, max 15.4W),
IEEE 802.3at PoE+ (Type 2, 30W) and 802.3bt PoE++ (Type 4, 90W)

Maximum Voltages

Maximum voltage that can be applied to any 2 connector pins
without causing damage to the tester: RJ45: 60VDC or 50VAC

Storage Capacity

Stores an unlimited number of cable tests per projects with user defined names

Tone Generation

Tone Frequencies: 730Hz and 1440Hz


English, German, French, Spanish, Italian


Li-Ion, 7.2 VDC, 6.2A-hr / up to 4 hrs (typical)

External Power Supply



Operating: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
Storage: -22 to 158°F (-30 to 70°)


10 to 90% non-condensing


Injection molded plastic


7˝ Color TFT-LCD capacitive touch display, 1024 x 600 resolution (WSVGA)


245 x 177 x 73mm (Main unit)
130 x 177 x 55mm (Active Remote)

Weight with Battery

1.2kg (main unit)
0.6kg (Active Remote)


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