Cable and network tests on all media easily and intuitively via large color touchscreen

With connectivity to all 3 media - copper, fiber and WiFi - LinkXpert M3 is perfect for installation and documentation up to troubleshooting of Ethernet networks. Applications include SoHo and office environments as well as industrial applications.

LinkXpert M3 is a versatile cabling and networking tool that helps complete everything from day-to-day cabling tasks to solving complex Ethernet problems.

The device offers a unique combination of cabling testing and comprehensive Ethernet network diagnostics on copper, fiber and WLAN to keep the network up and running 24/7.

For network commissioning, the LinkXpert M3 can run automatic tests that can be configured individually. All tests can also be run individually for troubleshooting.

Also unique in this price range is the support of the video microscope for connector end-face evaluation and the detection of 10 Gbit/s networks.