• At Softing, our mission as a manufacturer of IT infrastructure measurement technology is to optimize your work processes whether you are certifying copper and fiber optic cables after installation with the WireXpert, or troubleshooting an office network with the NetXpert Ethernet network tester. Softing handheld certifiers and testers are approved by 30 plus vendor's independent testing and by the ETL international test lab. Make the switch to Softing and join the cable installers and network operators around the world that are now experiencing improved efficiency and an optimized work process.

  • Our NetXpert qualifier is a low-cost solution for determining the performance of copper networks, while the WireXpert certifiers are available for applications requiring certification of universal building cabling systems. Devices are available either for copper networks or as tandem versions for both copper and fiber optic systems. In addition, the field tester is deployable right now for Standard CAT 8, Class I and Class I in data centers. A range of quick-change adapters equip the WireXpert with numerous functions for copper and fiber optic measurements. The delivery program includes adapters for Class FA, M12 and Coax as well as MPO/MTP, EF multimode and single mode.

    Measurements for company networks using fiber optics can be performed quickly with the OTDR FiberXpert. The optical reflectometer tests multimode and single mode fibers in short measurement times, saving time and money. Working with the measurement device is made simpler thanks to automatic functions.

  • Low-cost cable testers for data, telephony and TV cables are available from the CableMaster product family. Seven models in different configurations offer cable testing and network diagnosis functions. The high-end instruments are also recommended for active testing on Ethernet applications.