Be the first one to test and verify your data centre installation for an up to 40GB/s speed.

Haar, December 16th 2016 – Softing IT Networks is pleased to announce that it is first in the market to receive the approval from Bel Stewart for certification testing of all copper LAN cabling products including CAT 8.2 with Ethernet speeds up to 40GB/s.

The Bel Stewart approval is associated with the Softing IT Networks WireXpert 4500 product which uses ARJ45 connectors for testing up to 2GHz.

The approval certifies Softing IT Networks as the single global player to abide with Bel Stewart’s CAT 8 conformance, which is excellent news for the copper cabling industry.

CAT 8.1 and CAT 8.2 products are essential for Ethernet applications up to 25 and 40GBit/s over copper twisted pair cabling.

The Bel Stewart approval comes in addition to the approval from BKS for testing the MMCPro System up to Class II.

“We have been working hard on getting our products to this level of conformity and we are pleased to have made it first in the market through extensive R&D investment. This has been the first step for us and we look forward to completing the round of certifications available in order to continue being a strong player in this specific field”.

Tobias Heilmaier
Product Manager
Softing IT Networks


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Softing IT Networks, formerly known as Psiber Data was founded in 2003 and is since 2014 part of Softing AG. Softing IT Networks provides world class electronic testing equipment that enable performance qualification, certification and documentation of complex cabling IT Systems. Whether used in Telecommunications, databases, mainframes, plant engineering or data centers, the professional measurement equipment from Softing IT Networks facilitates the performance optimization of data communication through robust and secure connection over the entire lifecycle of IT networks. Further information on Softing IT Network products, services and distribution, can be found here:


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