With iBwave Unity Team, all of your site and project information is automatically synchronized and located in a single location for easy access and analysis. Gone are the days where your information, documentation, and data are all located in several different places making it difficult to accurately track the progress, schedule and costs of your project. You will always have most up-to-date project information and you won't have to spend hours searching for the latest files or chasing incomplete information. iBwave Unity Team gives you quick access to information you need to quickly measure what’s working, what isn’t working, and mitigate any risk to your profit.

Synchronize all of your project information

When you have several people working on a project it is hard to keep all of the information synchronized. People end up with older versions, wrong information, and as a result, the project’s schedule and budget are put at risk. 

With iBwave Unity Team, all of your wireless network project information is automatically synchronized in one location so are always working with the latest information.

  • iBwave Drive (built-in file synchronization utility for Unity and Design files)
  • Automatic synchronization of project data from iBwave Design
  • Version control of iBwave Design files
  • Advanced search engine to quickly search for projects

Automate your project workflow to save hours of time

When a project manager has to spend time doing things manually, the risk to a project’s schedule, budget and quality are increased. 

With iBwave Unity Team, key project management tasks are automated so the project manager's time is optimized and they can focus on managing the project’s success criteria and risks.

  • Best-practice workflow template for network design projects (customizable)
  • Task checklists
  • Resource assignment and tracking
  • Project cost and schedule tracking
  • Automatic email notifications (based on set criteria)
  • Seamless synching of data and files from iBwave Design

Track project progress and costs to stay agile

With multiple projects on the go, it’s hard to get the right information at the right time to make critical go/no-go business decisions that impact your bottom line. With iBwave Unity Team, you get immediate insight into what is working and what isn’t working so you remain strategically agile. 

  • Summary and detailed project cost reports (by project or for all)
  • Project tracking reports (by project or for all)
  • Accurate schedule estimation and tracking
  • Project Summary dashboard

Customizable project status reporting

With iBwave Unity Team, you don't have to worry about chasing status updates or manually putting reports together. Project reports are pre-built, customizable, and easy to generate and send whenever you need to.

  • Project Cost Details
  • Equipment List
  • Cable Routing
  • Project Design Summary
  • Project Compliancy

Provide a full disaster recovery plan

With iBwave Unity Team, all of your past and current wireless network project files are centralized and accessible from anywhere. Should an unforeseen event strike, your company will have minimal disruption to business and any financial or customer service risks will be drastically reduced.

  • Central repository to store all of your site and project information
  • Access to information from anywhere, anytime (SaaS based)