"Ethernet is Everywhere", those wise words often spoken out by manufacturers of active network components and we have to fully agree. Ethernet as a transportation protocol is not only embedded in the office environment, but has its place in data centers, industrial applications, and has even conquered the intelligent home. Therefore, it is essential for the installer and operator of networks to have extensive testing capabilities to ensure smooth operation of the network. Both after installation, alterations and extensions (Moves, Adds & Changes) and in troubleshooting various tests are required. Up until now this required that the technician carried a wide range of test equipment.


Today, copper cables are the media of choice for Ethernet data transmission in all areas of networking - from home cabling and office communication to Industrial Ethernet applications, and data centers. Copper cables are characterized by ease of installation and dramatically increased bandwidth with each new generation of cables and associated specifications. In addition, the new developments, such as PoE (Power over Ethernet) - the remote powering of terminal equipment over data cabling, are only supported by copper cabling. Moreover, copper considerably helps to reduce the TCO of an IT plant, as the active network equipment, for example the copper Ethernet switches and routers are significantly less expensive than their fiber optic counterparts.