XpertClean Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

90% of fiber optic cable performance issues are the result of dirty end faces. 

Fiber optic cable is typically used to move massive amounts of network data sometimes across extremely long distances, and the last thing you want is performance degradation due to a dirty fiber optic end face in the connector, or even worse, dust on one end face ground into the end face of the mating connector scratching the surface causing permanent damage.

Instead, when disconnecting fiber optic connectors or before connecting fiber optic cables, best practice is always to clean the end face, save a picture of the end face using your fiber optic microscope, and then test the cable.

Softing makes cleaning easy with the XpertClean fiber optic cleaning kits and fiber optic cleaning process.

XpertClean ST, SC, FC Fiber Optic End Faces

Part number: XC-AC-CKIT-STSCFC

The 2.5 mm ST, SC, FC end face XpertClean kit includes everything you need to get your fiber optic end faces clean:

- CleanMachine easy and fast end face cleaning.  Push and click the tool, fabric is advanced over the cleaning tip to ensure fabric is always clean

- CleanWash is a fiber optic cleaning pen that contains a nonflammable solvenet cleaner and static charge dissipater.  Use with CleanMachine, CleanSwab, and CleanSwipe

- CleanSwabs 2.5 mm foam swabs are excellent for FTTH, CO, or DataCom applications.  This foam is manufactured with tough, medical-grade urethane foam that provides excellent particle entrapment.

- CleanSwipe includes a foam platen designed to help you clean UPC and APC (angled) end faces

XpertClean LC Fiber Optic End Faces

Part number: XC-AC-CKIT-LC

The 1.25 mm LC end face XpertClean kit includes the following:

- CleanMachine for 1.25 mm connectors

- CleanWash pen

- CleanSwab 1.25 mm foam swabs

- CleanStrip

XpertClean MPO Fiber Optic End Faces

Part number: XC-AC-CKIT-MPO

MPO end face XpertClean kit includes the following:

- CleanMachine for MPO connectors

- CleanWash pen

- CleanSwab MPO foam swabs

- CleanStrip

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