The CEO of Softing AG, Dr Wolfgang Trier, comments on the current situation in Ukraine.

"Softing deeply condemns Russia's invasion of Ukraine. What Putin and his henchmen are doing to Ukraine and its people must be classified without any ifs and buts as a war crime of the first order. In the current war situation, Ukraine must be quickly and comprehensively supported with weapons for self-defense. In the medium and long term, harsh economic sanctions must be maintained until Putin and his political supporters are removed from the levers of power.

Personally, I advocate a halt to oil and gas purchases, despite short-term burdens on the German economy. The thought of co-financing Putin's murder in Ukraine with about 20 billion euros annually is unbearable. To avoid becoming the next victim of Russian great power lust, Europe must build military strength quickly and comprehensively. Not for a military confrontation, but to avoid one."