Regularly calibrated - Warranty free of charge

The new Inspection PLUS includes the complete scope of services of the previous article (Annual Inspection), i.e. the inspection of the WireXpert device, the accessories supplied, as well as the device recalibration. With the Inspection PLUS, the customer receives, free of charge, an extension of the standard 1-year warranty for an additional year if the recalibration is performed on time. An extension of the warranty by a further year, to a maximum of 3 years in total, is also possible if the inspection is carried out on time in the following year.

The new Inspection PLUS applies to all new devices from the WireXpert series if commissioned on time, at the latest when the warranty expires (i.e. 12 months after the purchase of the new device), as well as in the following year. In 2021, a transition period applies so that the Inspection PLUS is also available for all devices with a date of sale from 01.01.2020.

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