Advanced Copper Metrology - 1


In this online seminar, we delve into the basics of universal building cabling, as well as the associated copper measurement technology for installation, acceptance measurement and troubleshooting.
You will learn more about the structure of a structured cabling system, the subdivision into the individual functional levels and the subdivision into the individual functional levels and the media used in each case. Receive updates on the applicable standards and the common definitions (e.g. difference between component category and between component category and route performance class, the meaning of NVP value, etc.). Learn about the three main test and measurement methods Verification, Qualification and Certification for copper networks. They are explained and the test parameters of a certification are discussed in detail, including possible possible causes of errors.

Target group

All those who wish to acquire knowledge in the field of copper network cabling, as well as installers, constructors and planners of data networks who are planning to enter the world of network cabling.