Copper | Cable tester and verifier

The first choice as medium for telephone, data and video lines still remains copper. More than ever, the material is used worldwide for the infrastructure of communication networks over short distances. Tendency rising, because the Port price still proves to be more favorable in comparison to the fiber optic price. technology (LWL) and new technologies, such as Power over Ethernet (PoE), are only available on the market on metallic conductors. The large number of cable testers available on the market today means that therere is the right device for your purpose. Before you buy, however, you should be aware of what you are looking for. The simplest devices only test the cable assignment. However, if further measurements are required to determine insulation resistance, characteristic impedance or channel capacity must resort to a high-quality line tester. Also for the simple cable installation in the house for video, telephone and data cables, the requires different measuring tools, which are designed according to the use.
The simplest testers for installations with coaxial, telephone and data cables are Verifiers: Wire mappers test with different functions. Our CableMaster devices are testers for checking the correct cabling.