Encircled Flux Multimode Adapter

New generation of Multimode Fiber Adapters adds full standards compliant fiber certification capability

A light source and power meter are used to measure the power loss and length of optical cables at 850 and 1300 nm. Certification of Multimode fibers has often been a contentious issue due to the inherent uncertainties in the measurement process. ISO/IEC and TIA have recently adopted a Encircled Flux (EF) standard that standardizes the launch condition for the light sources used in Multimode test equipment. The WireXpert’s new EF compliant adapters give you guaranteed compliance to the EF standard IEC 61280-4-1.

  • Compliant to IEC- 61280-4-1 EF standards and IEC-14763-3
  • Provides validation to different modal behaviors of various fiber optic manufacturers
  • Interchangeable robust SC, LC and ST adapter for EF kit
  • Provides troubleshooting with built-in Visual Fault Locator (VFL)
  • Improves repeatability of measurements
  • Reduces insertion loss variation between laboratory and field instruments


  • One cable certifier to test copper- as well as multimode-, singlemode and MPO/MTP-fiber installations.
  • Improve productivity of technicians with easy setting and fast testing
  • Test single fiber links, trouble-shoot links with light source and power meter tools
  • Easy pictorial work-flow makes it easy to avoid human errors in testing

Technical Details

Power Meter Specifications

Input Connector

Interchangeable connector with LC, ST and SC options) Standard kit ships with SC

Detector Type



850nm, 1300nm

Power Measurement Range

-15 dBm to -60 dBm at 850nm, -15 dBm to -70 dBm at 1300 nm

Measurement Linearity

<±0.1 dB in the power measurement range

Re-calibration Period

1 year

Loss/Length Specifications



Input/Output Connectors

Interchangeable connector with LC, SC, ST options

Launch Condition

Encircled Flux compliant to IEC 612480-4-1

Fiber Types Tested

50/125, 62.5/125

Source Type and Wavelengths

850/1300 nm

Length Measurement Accuracy


Output Power (Nominal)

> -20 dBm at 850, 1300 nm

Output Power Stability

±0.02 dB after 3 minute warm up time

Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

Output Power

>-4dBm, < -1 dBm
Continuous, blinking mode
CW output
SC connector

Operating Wavelength

650 nm

Output Modes

Pulsed, Continuous

Connector Adapter


Laser Safety

Class II

Environmental Specifications

Operating Temperature

0° C to 45° C

Storage Temperature

-20° C to 50 °C




  • WX_AD_EF_MM2
  • Encircled flux compliant multimode fiber adapter set (850nm and 1300nm). includes a pair of FC-SC modally transparent test cords, a pair of SC-SC tail cordsand cleaning kit
  • LC test cord kit for EF-compliant multimode adapter, includes a pair of modally transparent FC-LC test cords, a pair of LC-LC simplex tail cords, a pair of interchangeable lc adapters and a pair of LC-LC duplex adapters
  • A pair of modally transparent FC-SC test reference cords and a pair of SC-SC tail cords



With the WireXpert and fiber adapters you can perform a fully standards-compliant certification measurement Tier 1 (e.g. according to ISO / IEC 14763-3). Additionally, an automated evaluation of the attenuation of the fiber link is performed in terms of the number of the connectors, splices, and the length of the link.
(Automated evaluation of the link attenuation budget)

Yes, for standard-compliant measurements on fiber optic cabling (e.g. according to ISO / IEC 14763-3) you must be equipped with a fiber microscope and cleaning tools, as it is normative required to review the connector end faces for dirtiness. You would also know nothing about the dirtiness of the connectors and could unintentionally cause pollution to the fiber cabling.

WireXpert only needs one refractive index for length measurements of optical fibers. The length will be measured only at one Wavelength, therefore it is sufficient to only set one refractive index.

OTDR´s measure the distances to events on both wavelength. In that case you need to set both refractive indices in order to measure the distance correctly at both wavelengths.


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