Installers in the USA now have the possibility of using the handy FiberXpert OTDR 5000 time-domain reflectometer from Softing IT Networks for carrying out standard-compliant certification, documentation and troubleshooting on fiber optic networks.

Haar, 23rd Juneth 2017

Thanks to the high dynamic range and the extremely small event dead zone of 80 cm, this device really is ideal for relatively short fiber links, which are installed in company networks or data centers. This means that plugs following one another in succession can also be disconnected and measured to a high degree of accuracy. These highly accurate measurement results for fiber optic links can be achieved by the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 both in the single mode range (1310/1550 nm) and the multimode range (850/1300 nm).

Additional performance features of the compact device include standard-compliant Tier-2 measurements, automatic pass/fail analyses in line with TIA/IEC limits and automatic macrobend detection. Using the integrated attenuation measurement device and the optical power meter, the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 can calculate link attenuation and measure the output of active network components, such as switches, quickly and accurately. For a length-dependent rating of all events in terms of reflection and attenuation, the 5-inch color screen displays a razor-sharp graphical reflection curve as well as a table containing a list of all the link events together with their rating. And thanks to the new optical fiber microscope that can be connected to the OTDR via USB, fiber ends and link end surfaces can now be tested to an extremely high degree of accuracy and rated in accordance with IEC 61300-3-35.

For easier analysis, the installer now has access to both the representations based on measurement graphs (trace) and symbols (smart link). This considerably reduces the time needed to conduct a fault analysis in the event of problems along the communication line.

The reflectometer, which weighs just 400 grams, is available in two versions: either as the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 Quad for multimode 850/1300 nm or as the combi-device for multimode/single mode 850/1300/1310/1550 nm. Both have a robust housing, making them suitable for work on building sites, and are compact in size – not even as large as a standard A4 sheet of paper.

Conclusion: The very short measurement times, which still achieve a high resolution mean that performing tests and inspections of fiber optic installations using the FiberXpert OTDR 5000 is efficient and economical. In addition, the comprehensive and easy-to-use eXport software, which combines both fiber optic and copper measurement results (WireXpert) into one central software package, is also available for evaluation and further processing of measurement results.

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